Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday: Quick Hit Convention Picks

Good Morning Everybody,

I’m making this a quick post today – lots going on and too little time – here we go..

I just wrapped my 8:15 a.m. program, “Lightroom For Wedding Photographers”.  We had a decent crowd for that early morning wake up call and the program went well, that was until, I saw Adobe Lightroom Guru, Julieanne Kost in the back of the room.  She is like the best Lightroom guru in the world – and she was in the audience.

Nervous My knees went wobbly, my palms started to sweat, the mouse was jittering all over the keyboard – I was a mess.  OK, not really, but what an honor it was for her to sit in on my program.  BTW, you can catch some of the best Lightroom tutorials in the world over at Adobe TV right here.  Julieanne’s presentation and content is always top notch.  Go check it out – always good stuff.

Tech Expo Happenings

B&H is hosting their first ever Tech Expo theater this year.  I had the honor of presenting yesterday to a pretty darn full house. Thanks to all that attended.  You know even the Tech Expo is a great source of solid info for all that attend Photoshop World.  Julieanne Kost was presenting right next to me yesterday in the Adobe Theater.  The famous and always energetic Joe McNally was doing light demos in the Bogen booth. And that was just the tip of the iceberg – just ton's of good information, not to mention vendors, everywhere on the Tech Expo floor.

Metal Murals – A Cool Way To Show Off Your Images

Metal Mural We first ran into Metal Mural [link] a few years ago at the PPA Convention  in Tampa.  They offer one of the most unusual and equally impressive products for image display that I have ever seen.  Here is the link to their gallery page right here.

The print to metal and the finished product is striking.  I was talking with Pola who was giving us a tour of what they offer.  Turns out I just uploaded one of my images to Metal Mural and it will  be on display at my Digital WakwUp Call tour in Newark, NJ in about a week an a half. I can’t wait to see it.

A New Way To Balance Your Color

I ran into the good folks at Athentech Imaging yesterday. I first ran into them about 2 1/2 years ago at a WPPI convention.  They were showing the BETA of the Perfectly Clear technology which they were promoting as the best, fastest and easiest way to great color. 

Perfectly Clear I hadn’t seen then since, but yesterday there they were.  I said HI to Brad the owner and he brought me up to date with what they have been up to.  They are just days away from releasing their Photoshop plug-in and he promised to send me a copy.  I’ll keep you posted.

I’ll tell you, what ever technology they are using behind the secret door looks pretty cool.  You can find out more of what they are up to over at their web site right here.

What A Really Cool Web Site That’s Easy To Design Yourself?

I ran into my buddy and great photographer, David Jay late afternoon at the show.  His company, ShowIt Sites [link]is showing their second generation flash web sites. I’ve been following David as he has been developing this very innovative new way to web site design. I know I’m sketchy on this right now, but I’ll know more next week.  I’ll share more info then.


Help Wanted Hey gang -- LaDawn wanted me to put out the call for a volunteers who want to help for the next leg of the Digital WakeUp Call tour.  Starting October 5 she needs help in Boston 10/5, Hartford 10/6, NY-LaGuardia 10/7, and NY-Manhattan 10/8. Please email LaDawn at for additional times and information.

Hey gang, I’ve got to get back to the show.  I’m scheduled for a booth demo at Westcott at 1:00 p.m. and I want to take in some more of the show. Everybody have a great weekend and we’ll see you in Boston back on the Digital WakeUp Call tour trail on Monday.  -David

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  1. David - Shoot me a message at for anything more that I can share with you about Showit. And thanks for the Showit Shout Out!