Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Technique Tuesday: Revisiting The Z-Ray

We cruised into Boston yesterday and had a great turnout last night – over 250 cheering Bostonians at “Door Prize” time.  Needless to say, a god time was had by all.

Fall - iStock_000002193641XSmall Last night was city #43 out of 60 – LaDawn and I both can’t believe how quickly the tour has been flying by.  We head to Hartford today and are looking forward to another good crowd tonight.   A BIG THANK YOU to all the volunteers for their wonderful assistance.

We may even take a back road or two - if they have back roads up here ;~) We are lucky to have an opportunity to check out the fall colors.  I have to say this is a good time to be in New England. The entire area is lighting up in brilliant yellows, oranges, and reds.

After Hartford tonight, we head into New York City. For some weird reason our numbers are a little light in NY compared to every other city in the country.  We even booked two venues, the LaGuardia Marriott and the Pennsylvanian in midtown Manhattan, just to accommodate all the photogs we thought would attend in the area.  Maybe we miscued – no problem – it will still be a great night for all that attend.

Hey gang, go out and spread the word, email your friends, tell your neighbors – your chances of winning some of the $10,000 worth of door prizes over those two nights will be about the best on the tour for all those attending.  So, come on, take a cab, hop a train, take the subway and “come on down!” Here is the link to register for LaGuardia program right here and midtown Manhattan right here.  Oh, by the way, don’t forget to use the PROMOCODE DWCDPT09 to save yourself $20 off the registration price.  Hope to see you there.

OK, time to get on with this week’s episode of Technique Tuesday.  Here we go…

Revisiting My Z-Ray Lighting Technique

I had planned to pull together a different tutorial for today’s post.  But after a quick review of some previous Technique Tuesday posts over the last two years, I decided the Z-Ray tutorial I posted just over a year ago is full of information .

Why? The Z-Ray discussion in my Digital WakeUp Call program is always a big hit so I thought it would be fun to bring this post back again for those of you that might have missed it. Plus, it’s always been one of my favorite techniques to discuss and points you some great alternate ways to obtain that terrific image at your next wedding.

Hit the “READ MORE…” button and enjoy the show.

Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  We are heading out on a leisurely and scenic drive to Hartford. We plan to soak up some to the New England color.  See ya’ at Hartford tonight. -David


  1. Hi David!
    Loved your program last night! I have one question about your lighting techniques with the z lights. I see that you are shooting high ISO and slow shutter speeds. Do you handhold the camera or on tripod. In the tutorial it tells us the main light is the z light so I'm guessing no additional flash. Just curious...anxious to try out your z lighting!!!!

  2. Thanks for the update on the Z light David- you read my mind, I was going to search past issues for the info!

  3. Loved your presentation last night in Hartford! I learned a lot. I just shot a senior session and took your advice to shoot through the umbrella. My fill light was bouncing into it, so I removed the cover, pointed it at the subject, and tada!- no more shiny face, and much softer shadows.