Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Technique Tuesday On Wednesday; What Do These Buttons Do? and ISO 102,400 on the Canon 1D Mark IV

Good Early Afternoon Everybody,

Wow, almost back on schedule today - what a concept!  Anyway, things are cookin' around here – we just about have all the loose ends taken care of for next week's Master Class, we've also planned some cool, new things for DigitaProTalk, and my DWUC tour is rounding third and heading for home in a few weeks.

Yes, I'm actually "seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel" as they say - I just hope it's not a freight train;~) 

Canon 1D Mark IV Not much new to report today other than to say I spoke with my buddy and Canon rep, Mary Mannix, this morning and asked when I could take a peek at the new Canon 1D Mark IV.  I even suggested she bring it to my class next week. It took a few seconds for the laughing to stop - so I guess that's not going to happen.

Turns out she had the camera in her hands yesterday but had to return it for Canon’s Photo Plus show coming up this weekend in NYC. I asked her if she clicked off a shot at that unbelievable ISO 102,400 yet.  She told me she had and the result was unbelievable. Sure it's a bit noisy but if you have to get the shot, now you can - even if the subject is in nearly complete darkness!

Want to see what an ISO 102,400 shot looks like? Check out this link right here - pretty interesting! Heck, download a few and run them through Noise Ninja, or NIK DFine 2. Like Mary said, if you need to get the shot, now you can. Now you've got that opportunity to open up that little private detective agency on the side;~)

Nocturne By the way, here is another take on the Mark IV by Vincent Laforet right here - a must read if this new camera might be for you.  Wait, there's more.  Check out Vincent's latest video "Nocturne" made with the Canon 1D Mk IV over at Photography Bay right here.  He shot the entire video at ISO 6400! As Maxwell Smart would say, "Very interesting!!!"

OK, back to real business - let's get on with today's tutorial. Here we go.

So What Do These Buttons Do?

How often do we get a new piece of software, load it up, and just learn it's basic functionality? Boy, how many of us have done that with Lightroom? Like I've been saying on my DWUC tour - Too much software, too little time to learn it all.

1024x768 - What Do These Buttons Do If we dig under the hood just a bit more though, we just might find some more "creativity sliders" that will add a bit more sizzle to our images.

That's what I've attempted to do in this tutorial.  I think Lightroom is just a kick to use when I'm "playing" with my fine art images.  I love the way I can range, saturate, and de-saturate the various colors within the image. And, I like the fact that I don't have to make the trip to Photoshop to get the job done.

This tutorial shows how I use the Hue and Luminosity sliders in Lightroom's color channels to finesse the image to it's final result.  The process is always fun so hit he PLAY button below and enjoy the show.

Hey gang, that's it for me today.  Everybody have a great one and I see you tomorrow for another Business day Thursday. Over and Out, -David


  1. Nice to see you like to play. Experimenting with the features is the best way to discover what they do. Making things look bad by going too far or in the wrong direction is just as valueable a lesson as being too careful and only trying to go in a good direction. Thanks for another great tutorial.

  2. What a helpful tutorial!
    Thank you.