Friday, October 05, 2007

World Film Photography Day

World WHAT??? Day - yep, World Film Photography Day - it's happening March 20, 2008. Probably going to take them that long to round up 10 photographers to participate - just a joke - please no "nasty-grams". This story ran over at PopPhotoFlash the other day. You can get all the info over at their site, here is the link - World Film Photography Day. And for the real die-hard film shooters out there - here is another site for the film shooter. Here is the link to OK, film guys and girls - I did a Google search on Digital Photography - Google returned 81,100,000 hits Wow! Then, I searched Film Photography - surprise of surprises - 97,800,000 hits! I guess it's because film had a 100 year head start - you can draw your own conclusions. Also, don't forget to vote in the Digital vs. Film Poll to the right. Thanks.

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