Friday, October 26, 2007

Caffeinated or Decaffeinated

Maybe French Roast would help the shadows. OK, I might be changing my mantra to: "Maybe friends should let friends shoot film, now and then" just so they can give this a try. OK, here is the deal - over at the Photo Utopia, you can find a film developing process for processing your film in coffee - you heard me right. I didn't believe it myself, but the article gives all the info on exactly how to do it. Here is the link that shows you exactly how to set up your very own "Coffee Lab". I have to say, the results are quite interesting. With this weekend off - I'm so tempted... (Please no comments about Ziser not having a real life.)


  1. Thanks for linking to my blog, Photo Utopia is an Analogue Photo resource primarily although some hybrid work-flows are covered.

    As for your mantra, I say only friends will advise you to try any form of image capture (yes even film) as there is no such thing as a correct way to form an image.

    Analogue has quite a lot to offer the photographer, if you have an open mind, especially in monochrome where in my opinion it has yet to be equalled (just look at a silver gelatin print vs a good ink-jet)

    I didn't vote in your poll, but would like to point out the futility of such polls, this is a digital photo blog, so most will be digital users, do a poll on APUG (not that they'd bother) and you'll get the reverse result.
    Strange that :-)

  2. Hi Photo-Smith,
    Thanks for the note. BTW, I think your blog is a great resource for the analogue photographer - love the term too. An, yes, I am going to try the coffee processing method. I started processing my own images when I was 12 years old circa 1960, did my own color with Ansco's Printon system shortly thereafter - now that dates me. I was a custom B&W printer for a major lab here in Cincinnati, OH when I was 17 and customer color printer when I was 20/21 - around 1971. I've involved in this quite a while which is why I took such a liking to your article. The "mantra" is mostly "tongue in cheek" but even though film is not my thing these days - I love digital and think we deliver the best product ever to our clients compared to our films days which spanned almost 30 years. Again, thanks for the note and I think you have a great blog.
    Regards, David