Friday, October 26, 2007

"Magnificent Beauty"
© David A. Ziser
This image was made in one of the most beautiful sanctuaries here in the greater Cincinnati area - St. Mary's Basilica of the Assumption. The location itself is breathtaking, but with the bride in the setting the composition "sings". I illuminated the bride with the off camera Quantum flash shooting through an umbrella to soften the light. The camera's shutter speed was adjusted to balance the ambient with the flash in the flash's favor. This helped with the bride really standing out from the surroundings in the overall image. Canon 1D Mark III with 16-35mm lens at F5.6 @ 1/60 second at ISO 800.
Enjoy! --David


  1. The picture doesn't do the subject (bride) justice. The viewers eyes are pulled up away from the bride because of the lens distortion.

  2. The image needs to be taken as a whole presentation, not just an image of the bride. It is the bride withing the magnificence of this cathedral that makes the statement. The converging lines are a "must have" in my wedding photography. It is the converging lines that adds to the scope and breath of the space.