Monday, October 15, 2007

A Marvelous Monday

Good Morning Everybody,

Well, we made it through the very hectic but truly beautiful weekend. Jumped back in our car and rushed back to Cincy - unloaded the car, backed up the files, and reloaded the car to be ready to head to the airport first thing this morning. We are off to Tampa. We are going to hook up with the NAPP gang and may even do a Layers TV episode with RC Conception and Corey Barker. That will be a first for me. We catch our breath for only a short bit, then head to Key Largo on Wednesday for a huge 4 day wedding - full of wedding celebration events. It should be a "kick". I'm bringing my "A" team assistants, Nicholas and Eric, in for this one. LaDawn will be there too to add a helping hand as needed. I'll keep you posted as to the development of events.

Also, I know I've got to check in with our Flickr group about the "Backlighting" assignment, and catch up with the DigitalProTalk comments - patience for another day or two or maybe even three please!!!! Anyway, on with a few news notes and then we are off and running. See everybody tomorrow with Technique Tuesday!
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See ya' tomorrow. Have a good one. --David

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