Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ralph’s Best Marketing Advice - 5+5+5 A-days.

Ralph put on a great program yesterday at the KPPA fall Conference in Louisville, KY. He covered a lot of topics including some big time marketing concepts for Seniors and underclass contracts. It was easy to see from his outstanding photography why he remains the top “Senior" Photography Studio in New Orleans. I think Ralph's team does about the best job on sports collages of anyone in the country. Check out the one here with this post. Here is the link to his studio's website .

One of my favorite things I was able to bring from the program was his story about a very successful car dealer that incorporated his “5+5+5 a Days” success program to build a hugely successful car dealership. Here is a quick recap of this very simple success plan. The car salesman would make Five “Cool” calls – To potential car buyers offering a free oil change just to get them to come in to the dealership. Then he would make Five “Warm” calls to those customers who had purchased a car from him a few years ago and might be ready to again consider another new car. He again would offer these warm callers a complementary oil change, bringing them back to the dealership. Then he would write five “Thank You” notes to five customers, community businesses... thanking them for their loyalty and support. The personal touch always works, especially in this day and age of millions of phone menu choices, and the operator-less world of business. Thanks for the great tip, Ralph.

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