Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wednesday - Kind of Busy Around Here

Good Morning Everybody,

Sorry for the later post than usual today. LaDawn has interviews all day for a position that opened up here at the studio. So with applicants coming and going has things hopping around here a bit. We have a few "Senior" photography sessions later today. And a few things that have been on the back burner for days have suddenly moved to the front burner - like my profile I promised Jason Moore over at Jason Moore Photography. One very cool thing he does over at his blog is run nice profiles on some of the very notable people in our profession - like John Nack, Scott Kelby, and David Hobbie - otherwise known as the Strobist. It is a nice read and I'm honored to be asked to participate. Here is the link to the profiles he has published to date.

Also, our buddies at NAPP asked me to prepare about 12 Hot Tips for an upcoming issue of Hot Tips issue Photoshop User Magazine. Boy, at 12 words a minute typing speed that may take days to wrap ;~) And, don't forget to listen to PhotoTalk Radio this week as we will be talking about all things lighting, composition, digital, and wedding related. Here is the link for show times, etc. On another note - I've got the new radio transmitter for the 40D on loan from Canon for a few days and will give you a report on that early next week.

But, as they say, "it's good to be busy."

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