Wednesday, October 23, 2013

“Prague - The Royal Jewel Of Central Europe”


”Prague - The Royal Jewel Of Central Europe
©David A. Ziser

This is one of my favorite images I made during our visit to Prague. And when I brought up the camera specs, I had forgotten that I had captured it with my iPhone 5 ;~)  Although the city today is pretty much “westernized” Prague’s deep and rich history, historic and beautiful architecture, and fun energetic atmosphere definitely makes it “must see” city that should be on every travelers itinerary.

This image was made from a riverside café after our day long tour of the castle and cathedral grounds at the top of the hill.  We Midwesterners love our fall colors and even though we are missing all the Fall color back home, there is no shortage of it during our travels through Europe.

It’s the interplay of the Fall colors of the tree on the left with the rich blue sky above that appeals to me in this image.  The late afternoon sun just “kisses” the building, the Charles Bridge tower and the bridge itself to add the final touch of beauty to this image.

Camera specs:  iPhone 5 at F2.4 at 1/570 second, 4.13mm (33mm 35mm equivalent).  Enjoy!  -David

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