Wednesday, October 02, 2013

”Gellert Girl”

DAZ_4546”Gellert Girl
©David A. Ziser

Good Morning Everybody,

I’ve one quick photo to share with you today.  Internet connectivity is quite sketchy in our hotel in Rovinj, Croatia so larger uploads are a problem.  Nevertheless, I did want you to see the last image I made at our Master Class in Budapest a few weeks ago. 

It was the last day (evening) of shooting.  I grabbed this last image of our model, Clara, before we called it a wrap and headed for dinner. The light was just leaving the sky but still persisted just a bit for this photograph.  I love how the blue color plays off the warm tones of the Gellert Hotel façade.

I positioned Clara in the bottom quadrant of the frame and asked her to strike a comfortable pose. Light was from camera left and behind – details below.  The challenge was to balance the warm ambient tones of the building and cool tones of the sky with the illumination on my subject.  I think we hit it perfectly.  I love the image.

Camera specs: Canon 5D Mark III fitted with my Sigma 12–24 mm lens at 17mm, 1/25 second at F5.6, ISO 1600.  Lighting camera left with Canon 600 EX-RT speed-lite through my Zumbrella. Additional backlighting supplied by a second Canon speed-light positioned on the ground about 12 feet behind the Clara. Enjoy!  -David

DAZNOTE:  I’m still planning to get two more posts up about our trip and Master Class in Budapest and I’ll keep you informed –with images and hopefully some videos of the rest of our journeys, too.  Just hang in there with me till the internet connection gets a little stronger.

For LaDawn and I, it’s been a fabulous time hanging out on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in the beautiful town of Rovinj, CroatiaWe’re here till Friday then are heading to Salzburg, Austria where I’ll be conducting my Scott K elbyPhoto Walk at noon on Saturday.  LaDawn and I are really looking forward to that too.  We have plenty of room for a few more walkers so why not stop on by ;~)

See you then, David

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