Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekend Update & Taking The Day Off

Good Morning Everybody,

ShoppingLike I mentioned yesterday, I promised LaDawn I would take a day off the blogging duties today.  Why? Because I have to take her shopping – that’s right shopping.  Now shopping means two different things to she and I. 

Shopping to me means just that – shopping – looking around, walking, talking, just relaxing at a nice mall.  Shopping to LaDawn means something completely different – for her it means BUYING.  I mean, why doesn’t she just call it what it is – “Honey, I’m going out buying today.”  That cuts to the chase and gets to the real intent – right?  All joking aside, we are going “shopping” – I just hope not all day. 

Power of PassionWe have a busy schedule for this weekend.  Tomorrow we are taking in Sandy Puc’s and Jerry Ghionis’s Power of Passion tour which kicks off right here in Las Vegas.  Sunday we are hitting the WPPI programs hard too.  Part of my intent is to meet some of the new speakers and maybe get them to do a webcast or two for us in the upcoming months here at DPT.

So that’s what’s up with us this weekend and I hope you have a good one too.  Hey, any of you coming to WPPI?  Let me know. 

See ya’ at the show,  David

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