Friday, February 04, 2011

Top 10 2010 Posts Up; CBTL Tour DVD Set Now Available; and FREE Webcast Next Thursday!

Good Morning Everybody,

Well, this week turned out to be another 5 for 5 blogging week, didn’t it?  It’s hard to change old ways ;~)  If you were counting, you may have noticed that I crossed the 2,700th blog post on Monday – that’s a lot of typing. 

Anyway, today I just wanted to give you a few updates that have taken place at DPT this week and re-cap a few news items you may have missed.  Here we go..

DigitalProTalk Blog  – Top 10 Lists Updated

Top 10 If you look closely at  the top tabs, you’ll see that I’ve updated the Top 10 lists.  Now all three tabs reflect the Top 10 posts for 2010 – that is most popular posts overall, your favorites in Videos, and my favorites in the Business posts. I’ve also kept the top posts listed for 2009 available for you as well. You never know – something new may catch your eye, stimulate some creative brain juices and stimulate a new technique or idea you missed the first time you read the post. Enjoy the re-read of ALL the posts.

Captured By The Light DVD Set Now Available!

CBTL DVD set My very popular 2010 tour is now available on a 4 DVD collection.  For the low cost of only $59, we are also throwing in the 9 hour Bonus DVD and the Tour handbook – it’s a steal of a deal!  Here is the link right here.

The video was professional recorded and edited – I love how it came out.  It really does capture the excitement of the evening.  If you missed this very popular program, there’s no excuse what you can’t make it now. Many LOVE revisiting all the information I covered during the live presentation.

Also, don’t forget to consider the Easy As 1-2-3 promo.  This is definitely the best bargain I’ve ever offered at my Resource Center.  You get both the 2009 Digital WakeUp Call DVD collection including BONUS DVD and workbook (while they last) and the 2010 Captured by the Light DVD collection also including BONUS DVD and workbook and your choice of my CBTL book, Zumbrella, Sun Spotz reflector, or Love Lightz for only $99! Once again, here is the link right here.

FREE Webcast Next Thursday: Shooting Super Bowls and Weddings

Lynn Michelle photo My special guest will be Lynn Michelle [link] who is one of the top wedding photographers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas.  She is renown for her unique style of how she photographs people. Lynn has been contracted for one of the major Super Bowl VIP parties this Sunday.

I’ve asked Lynn to join us next Thursday to share with us the Super Bowl excitement and also some of her wonderful ways to do business in the wedding market world of photography.  I’m really looking forward to Lynn’s insights.  Please register right here!

LaDawn and I Are Related To The Pittsburgh Steelers' Place Kicker

Shaun Suisham OK, it’s REALLY kind of a stretch to say that.  It’s sort of one of those 6 degrees of separation things.  Let’s see if I can get all the connects straight.  LaDawn’s nephew just married a beautiful young lady, Tiffany, who’s sister, Erin, is married to Shaun Suisham, the Steelers' place kicker. 

That’s Shaun walking his nephew and daughter down the aisle at Jason and Tiffany’s wedding rehearsal. Shawn and wife Erin’s  daughter (in the wagon) was the flower girl and that little guy the ring bearer.

The fact that Shaun has hit 14 of his last 15 field goals with the Steelers could put Pittsburgh in a position to win the Super Bowl.

OK, those six degrees of separation, not even these pics  were not enough for us to get tickets to the game but LaDawn’s nephew Jason and his wife Tiffany made the cut and are heading to Dallas – GREAT for them!


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  Have a great Super Bowl weekend!  Hope your team wins. I’ll plan to see you on the flip side with a fresh new week of tips, techniques and photographs.

Adios everybody,  -David

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