Monday, February 28, 2011

Quick Hit Monday: BIG Crash; LIVE Webcasts; DPT Kudos; iPad Pushes Back; and More

Good Morning Everybody,

At least it's a much better morning than the one I woke to early Saturday. I had just checked in with my buddy who was going to be picking us from the airport Saturday evening and all was good to go with schedules.  We hadn't talked for over a week so it was good to visit with my old friend.

Now fast forward 8 hours to 2:30 a.m. early Saturday morning - it's my buddy again only this time with a lot more concern in his voice.  Certainly, I was hoping he and his family were OK.  Well they were, but my car wasn't.  It had been parked by the curb outside his home as it was convenient for him to have my car for our Saturday airport pick up. 

He heard the loud crash about 2:00 a.m., jumped from his bed and headed outside to see what happened.  My car had been hit by a drunk driver at a high rate of speed, thrown back 10 feet into another parked car, and the driver of the green SUV sped away!  I listened in disbelief!!!  My car will probably be estimated by the insurance company as totaled!!!

DAZ Mercedes

Soooo.... Saturday morning had me calling rental agencies, car dealers, and checking CarMax and EBay for pricing on a replacement vehicle and all before we headed to the airport.  It still seemed a little surreal - I loved my car and wasn't looking to replace it any time soon. 

Things change pretty quickly though, don't they?  We can certainly count our blessings that at least no one, that we know of, was injured. It baffles our imagination how the drunk driver drove off after the accident.  No, the police still haven't located him. So my friend didn't pick us up in my car Saturday evening, we headed to the Enterprise rental counter instead grabbed a rental till we get all this sorted out.

Digital Resource Center OK, I know you're feeling bad for me.  I know you would like to reach out and help in some way.   Well, I've got the perfect suggestion.  Please head over to our Digital Resource Center, check out all the good deals, and take advantage of some of the great specials going on right now - I need to make a down payment on a new car this week and need all the help I can get ;~)

OK, I’m only half joking.  People are safe, we were getting close to updating our automobile in the next couple years, and worrying about it will not solve a thing.  I guess, like they say,  it's all part of the grand plan.  Uhmmm... I am kind of looking forward to checking out a few new models ;~)

On with Quick Hit Monday....  Lot's of cool FREE stuff happening on the web.

Speedliting Live! Webcast

Speedliting Live That's right, my good buddy and now best selling author, Syl Arena, is presenting his Speedliting Live webcast [link] this Thursday, March 3, 2011. Syl has writhed the definitive, no holds barred, book on speed lighting entitled, "The Speedlighter's Handbook".  Speedlighters HAndbookIt's hanging in there quite well at Amazon and should be close to a second printing.

Hearing Syl first hand and in person should be quite the treat for all those joining him [link] March 3, 2011 7p.m. PST - that's 10p.m. EST. He's using a brand new web service to pull it off which even allows questions from the live audience.  It should prove to be a very cool session.

FREE Photoshop Webcast

John Wright, at Media Wright Workshops is also presenting a FREE Photoshop webcast on March 10, 2011.  Seating is limited on this one so you'll want to sign up early to be sure you have a seat.  Here is the lowdown:

Photoshop programThere are several new features in Photoshop CS5 worth learning about. You may of already heard of the features but haven't had a chance to see just how they work. The discussion will center around Content Aware Fill, the Puppet Warp feature, Mini-Bridge and the Refine Edge changes. Tune in. It's free. But you do need to register.

You can get all the info and register right here. By the way, Media Wright has several of their past episodes archived too so check them out if you missed them.  Hey, you can never stop learning,

About The The Best Price Ever For Online Backup

Evernote So I was working away on my iPad last week pounding the keys in Evernote, an app that is quickly becoming my most used favorite app.  Everrnote has the habit of popping an ad or two in while you're working.  It's all very discreet and don't bother me one bit.

Crash Plan Anyway, the ad that caught my eye was from Crash Plan, a new online backup service.  I decided to check it out.  A few mouse clicks later, I was hooked on giving it a try.  Their business model is to offer totally unlimited online backup for only $3/month - unbelievably inexpensive, especially for a photographer with lots of images to archive.

I know what you're thinking, "It will take days to get 1 terabyte of data uploaded!" Well, I agree but they have a work-a-round whereby they send you a 1T disc which you load up with 1.5T of data, (compressed) and send it off to them.  They seed your account with the disc data and from that point on, you just let Crash Plan take over and keep all your data safely up to date.

It looks pretty cool to me.  I signed up - I'll keep you posted.  Here is the link to all their info.

Kudos To DigitalProTalk

PhotoVerse I was doing my daily iPad web cruise using the app PhotoVerse, which is by the way, very efficient way to follow your favorite blogs and hit a Pixiq link listing the Top 150 Un-missable Photo Blog sites.  Much to my surprise, I found DigitalProTalk listed at #38 with some very nice comments [link].  My sincere THANKS to all DPT readers who invite and encourage me to write every day with their loyal support.  And my thanks to Pixiq for acknowledging the effort. 

iPad Calendar Pushes Back

Calendar Sync Does anybody feel the way I do - I love my Google calendar pushing to my IPad calendar but I hate the fact that my iPad calendar only updates when I sync up with iTunes…. which I never do, BTW.

Anyway, I figured there had to be a solution to the inconvenience.  After a little web searching I found this post at Island In The Net that gives you the road map to making the problem go away.  I haven't given it a try yet, but I surely will once the second generation of the iPad comes out this week.  The functionality will make it that much easier for us road warriors to collaborate with our staff back home.  Anyway, check it out right here.

Is Anybody Listening

DAZ TwitterTalk Everyday I get several notes telling me that folks are following me on Twitter - I'm very grateful, THANK YOU again!  But what I would like to know is this - do you, my DPT reader like the Twitter sidebar widget here on the blog?

I think it's an easy convenient way for me to point you towards some cool content without having to make a blog post out of it.  I am like always hitting my Facebook, Twitter, and blog FACS for cool news items.  The DPT Twitter bar makes it easy for me to get the info out to you even if you don't follow me on Twitter.  Anyway, just thought I’d inquire as nobody has ever commented on it for the entire time it's been up.


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  I’m catching a plane to Tampa and heading to NAPP World Headquarters for a special project today ;~)  How about I catch up with everyone tomorrow for another episode of Technique Tuesday.

See ya’ then,  David


  1. Been using Google sync on my iPhone and iPad for years now and it is awesome. All my contacts, emails, and calendar items are all synced 100% of the time without doing anything.

  2. I hate Twitter. I really don't want to be interrupted by my acquaintance announcing things better left unsaid, or said better on a blog that I can schedule to read.

  3. Ouch! Sorry to hear that about the S-500. Things is though that model looses value quick. I bet the insurance company stiff you!

    Get a BMW M5. Fast, sleek and a babe magnet.

    Go snag the emblem and make a necklace out of it! Then we can refer to you as DAZ money!

  4. How come there is no loop light or backlight on your car picture?

  5. You wanted you to know that I love reading your posts and I am so thankful that a photographer like you cares about helping others too. You are an inspiration!

  6. If i want drive a Mercedes in Germany, icall a Taxi ;-)

    Greetings LB

  7. Funny about crashplan...I commented about them months ago on your post about backup!

  8. Thanks for the info on Photoverese app! It's awesome! You rock can't wait for the tour to hit Detroit again!!! Anybody here that reads the Bolger do yourself a favor and catch one of Davids classes! Totally worth it!

  9. Thanks for the info on CrashPlan. MozyHome changed their price structure and with 1.7TB backed up my price would have increased by over 6000% - yes 3 zeros! Hopefully CrashPlan does not do the same. Either way I like their backup options and pricing plans better.