Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Webcast Wednesday & Beautiful Weddings

Good Morning Everybody,

Fuji Masterpiece Award - The Garter finished blog Boy am I stoked today! I just received an email  from a former student and daily reader of DigitalProTalk, Ann Nester.  Ann drops me a nice note about how much she has enjoyed the blog and my seminars.  She attended both my Digital WakeUp Call program in 2009 and then Captured By The Light seminar last year. Both presentations are now available on DVD,  [link].

Fuji Masteroiece I don’t want to take all the credit but she was thrilled to tell me she won her first Fuji Masterpiece Award for her wedding image pictured above. WOW, what a great image!  The Fuji Masterpiece Award is one of the highest print awards you can receive at a state or regional PPA print competition. 

Look at the gorgeous lighting in the image – all available light! Look too at her composition – perfect placement of all the attendants' within the image.  I love how the light bounces off the bride’s gown to illuminate the little flower girl – just a great image on all counts!  Congrats! Ann for taking the top honors with this outstanding image!

Check Out My Guest Blog Post Over At Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider Today!

Photoshop Insider That’s right, my post “Wedding Photography – State Of The Union – Part 2”  just went up this morning.  Here is the link right here.  You can read the first post from two weeks ago right here – it was one of the most commented posts so I think you’ll enjoy the read.

Part 2 is the follow up and is quite a serious read.  I wanted to spell out several solid solutions that photographers who have found the wedding market turned upside down can start using right now! It spells out what we need to do to compete in the brave new wedding world.  Enjoy the read and please feel free to add your comments to the conversation too. 

Re-Webcast Wednesday! Super Bowls and Weddings

I can’t wait for you to see Lynn Michelle’s webcast we did last week  at Digital ProTalk – it was great.  I asked Lynn if we could re-run the webcast and she said “No problem.”

Our conversation is jammed packed with tips and tricks on how she keeps her wedding calendar filled, how she produces her outstanding wedding images (wait till you see them), and how she manages her very busy studio.  Why not hit the PLAY button and enjoy the show (again!)


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  We are leaving bright and early in the morning so look for tomorrow’s post to be up later in the afternoon after we land and get settled into our room in Las Vegas.

Have a great one and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Adios!  -David

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  1. Thanks for re-posting this video. Being a wedding & portrait photographer, the Superbowl part didn't really hold my attention, but I enjoyed the wedding posing and lighting part. Thanks again, Karen