Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday: Best Of The Day; Lindsay Adler: Unbelievable Images; The Amazing Landscape Photography of Rodney Lough Jr.; Rollie Goes Mini; and More

Good Morning Everybody,
I’m running a little late getting the post up this morning.  It’s been super busy and we decided to sleep in an extra hour today – not good when trying to blog from a major convention.  Still I’ve got some very hot items to share with you today.  Let’s get right to it.
Lindsay Adler: Unbelievable Images
Adler 2Her program was billed as a portrait program, but her images were about the most exciting portrait/fashion images I have seen in quite a while.  You have to check out her website right here – prepared to be inspired.
Lindsay’s images were also featured in the Sigma booth – it was cool to see them up close and personal.

Linsay Adler at Sigma
The Amazing Landscape Photography of Rodney Lough Jr.
I jumped from one program to the other yesterday morning and found myself in a Landscape program presented by photographer, Rodney Lough Jr. [link]  Wow - was the only word that came to mind – his images were the most amazing landscape images I had ever seen!

Totard The Light

I wish I had seen Rodney’s entire program.

His on-stage presence was easy and comfortable – you felt like you were visiting with a good friend.  You have to check out his website right here.  A very cool thing about his website is that he gives the camera/exposure specs on each image [link].

Camera specs

The gallery browse is a great educational experience.

I Want One Too! Rollie Goes Mini
Gabe w-Mini RolliflexWalking through the show we bumped into our B&H buddy, Gabe. Gabe was sporting a new mustache and his brand new mini-digi Rolliflex camera. 

I thought it was just a toy till I found out it was a 5 meg (interpolated) real digital camera costing about $300.  I’d love to see some of the images this little camera produces.You can get all the details over at B&H’s site right here.

Westcott Shoot Was Fun
DAZ Westcott1Yesterday I did a quick gig in the Westcott booth. These gigs are always fun, because when you show up at the Westcott booth, you never know what the models will look like.  Yesterday was no exception – we went from grunge to high fashion. 

I chose to photograph, Amanda, the high fashion model.
It was quite fun to be pointing my camera at our very colorful subject – I sure never see brides dressed up like that. 

Westcott had their brand new 84 inch umbrella, which I showed during my Captured By The Light Tour, and I chose to use it with my Quantum flash to get my images.  We had a good crowd and I think everybody enjoyed the presentation.

Caught Up Million Dollar Photographer, Jeff Lubin
DAZ and Jeff LubinJeff and I have known each other for many years.  We have both watched our careers grow over the years.  Jeff tells me he just finished his best year ever with gross sales of over – get this – $1,200,000!  I still remember the story Jeff told years ago at one of his very early programs. 

Jeff imageTo build interest in his photography, he used to walk through the top malls in the Washington, D.C. area carrying two 24x30 inch framed images – one in each hand.  When someone stopped him, the ensuing conversation would include a sales pitch and card exchange.  I still giggle every time I think about that story.

Jeff operates the premiere portrait studio in the Washington D.C. area [link].  He attributes his success to not just knowing how to take a great image, but also how to sell the experience and the image.  Would you like to see Jeff in a webcast here at DPT?  I already asked him and he said yes!  Stay tuned.
Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  I thought I was going to have the video available I did for USA Today ready to show you today, but I hear there was a slight glitch getting it up – maybe tomorrow.
Please be sure to hit the posted links today – you will love what you see.  We are heading out in a few – lots more to see today.
Hope to see you there, David

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