Friday, February 25, 2011

Most Beautiful Albums Ever; $30,000 Leica: Costco’s Appearance; USA Today Interview; & Bunni Star

Good Morning Everybody,

Hey gang, this is going to be short and sweet today.  We worked in our hotel room most of yesterday and I promised LaDawn we would head out and see the sights today.  I just want to share a few loose ends from the WPPI Convention this week.  Here we go...

The Most Beautiful Albums Ever!

Tucked in the back corner of building #2 of the WPPI trade show I found my buddy, Jonathan Penny [link].  Jonathan is first and foremost a Master Printmaker.  For years Jonathan has been the go to source for archival B&W printing.  Times have changed and so have Jonathon's services.

Jonathan Penny WPPI

His display was full of the most exquisitely printed images I have seen anywhere.  Not only was he showing his masterful artworks, he also showed us these magnificent albums - all had printed, archive coated, and hand bound into the most elegant, soft leather album presentation I have seen  - EVER!  You simply had to see his stunning workmanship to appreciate what he was offering.

The albums and prints Jonathan was showing is an invitation to each of us to offer our high end clients the absolute best image and album presentation anywhere.  You've got to check it out right here.

A Few Unusual Surprises From The Show Floor

$30,000 Leica

We were walking up one of the many aisles at the show and I saw the Leica booth. Leica [link], as you know, has been making exquisite cameras and lenses for many years.  I always secretly wished I could afford one ;~)

DAZ LeicaIMG_7242Recently Leica announced their $30,000 Titanium and I was hoping I could see one up close and personal. Unfortunately for me only 500 were made - no, you can't get one - they were all sold out within days. 

When I asked to see the $30,000 camera, I was handed the new Leica S-2, the medium format model which, by the way did I mention, retails for $30,000!  WOW! 

Costco at WPPI

CostcoIMG_7358This was about the biggest surprise for me.  I've been attending conventions for years and never expected a retailer like Costco to be exhibiting in a photographic assembly.  They were offering the full range of canvass wraps, album, and prints - all at Costco prices.  The other labs exhibiting at the show were not amused.  Hey, times, they are a' changin'.

My Interview With USA Today

DAZ on USAFinally, the email arrived -  Jefferson Graham, Tech Editor for USA Today, emailed me the video interview I did with him earlier in the week  You can find it right here.

Unfortunately the interview I did with him was not usable because of so much ambient background noise. No problem though.  Jeff has agreed the be a guest on an upcoming webcast here at DPT.  I'm really looking forward to that one.  THANKS Jeff for the interview.

Lastly - I Think Bambi Should Do Standup Comedy

Bunni Star2I mentioned on Wednesday That my bud, Bambi Cantrell wrapped her program with this hilarious video featuring her alter ego, Bunni Star.  In this segment, Bunni is a wedding photographer working at a bridal fair.  It's a hoot - you can catch it right here. I found the entire presentation fun and entertaining. ENJOY!! 


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  We are heading into the desert today and then flying back home tomorrow morning.  It's one day off then on to NAPP World Headquarters for a very special project I'm involved in - more later.

Have a great weekend. 

See ya' on the flip side, David

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  1. I don't know how good their canvas stuff is, but Costco contracts DryCreek to profile their in store printers, so at the very least, they're color correct.