Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Technique Tuesday: High Speed Flash & Revisiting How To Cheat The Sync; Super Bowl & Wedding Webcast

Good Morning Everybody,

Under The Weather2 LR I hope you are off to a great week. My week is getting off to a slow start.  Zoomtown, our ISP in Cincy, was down for over 5 hours today – hence the late post.  And yesterday I was under the weather for most of the day – no, it had nothing to do with the Super Bowl party the day before, but an on-going “bug” that just keeps trying to keep me down ;~)  That put a few projects on hold for me most of the day.

I was scheduled to do Scott Kelby’s guest blog post again tomorrow but simply felt too crummy to complete the post.  Brad gave me a reprieve till next week – Thanks a ton Brad.  The post is about complete but I want it well crafted to be a great read for Scott’s readers and our DPT readers as well. I’m adding the rest of the “spit and polish” to it today.

Feeling lousy also made for a change of plans for today’s post as well.  Not a big deal – I’ve still got some good information for you today.

High Speed Flash & Revisiting How To Cheat The Sync

I didn’t quite get a Technique Tuesday put together, but no problem  – I came across a great video showing how high speed sync works.  This video is outstanding!

I’m running that video alone with my “Cheating Flash” video I ran several months ago.  Both of these videos speak to a topic that I covered in today’s image of the day above and is quite popular with many photographers who really want to take their lighting proficiency to the next level.  I hope you enjoy them both.  Hit the PLAY buttons below and enjoy the shows.





Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  Remember, don’t forget to sign up for our FREE webcast Super Bowls & Weddings.  We’ll be talking with Lynn Michelle about how her Super Bowl Party shoot went on Sunday.

We will also be talking weddings with Lynn on Thursday.  Lynn is one of the most respected wedding photographers in Dallas [link] – I can’t wait to hear her comments.  You can still register right here.

See ya’ there,  David


  1. The thing that really annoys me is that not all cameras can cheat the sync. For example, Pentax DSLRs will refuse to fire the flash if you exceed the sync speed. Perhaps it's time to look at a different brand ...

  2. I am dealing with the same thing, Phillip. I wish Pentax would just give us a menu option that says something like "I hereby take responsibility for the results of using a shutter speed in excess of the maximum sync speed and I understand that the flash will not illuminate the entire frame in this situation." (or perhaps just "Always Trigger Flash")

    We just need a way to trigger the flash on every exposure, regardless of the max sync speed. But Pentax will not let us take off the training wheels.