Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top 5 Technique Tuesdays for 2010

Good Afternoon Everybody,

We nearly have the suitcases unpacked and are beginning to settle back into “normal”. You know how it is when you return from a trip - suitcases and carry-ons everywhere, laptops sitting here, camera sitting there, everything looking to be unpacked only to be repacked for the next trip.

Still Unpacking We're probably still a day or two away before that happens but heck, we still have the Christmas decorations to take down! That's right, it's still Christmas at the Ziser’s. I'm looking at several poinsettias still in good shape but one “live” tree severely drooping. It will be “pine needles everywhere” in a few days ;~)

It was funny, LaDawn just mentioned to someone over the weekend that since New Year's Eve we've only been home for 30 hours. We're both looking to relax at home for the next few weeks or at least until the WPPI convention in mid-February.

I actually started to put together a brand-new Technique Tuesday for today without realizing that I hadn't finished our top 10 Technique Tuesdays for 2010. So instead of popping a new Technique Tuesday let me finish with our Top 10 list.  Then you have all the latest, greatest, hottest posts Technique Tuesday posts from last year. Here we go…

Top 5 technique Tuesdays for 2010

Top 5I hope you get a kick out of watching them a second time. As I said above, I'll have a brand-new Technique Tuesday for you next week.

#1 - Posing Large Wedding Groups 2 [link]

This was the most watched tutorial at DPT for 2010. It was probably the most requested as well. So here you have it one more time sit back, relax and enjoy!

#2 - Love Lines – Another Live Wedding Shoot [link]

This post was also extremely popular for 2010 even though it first ran in 2009. I think the reason for that was because during our Captured By the Light 2010 lecture tour I had made reference to this video several times and I think that's what drove a lot of people to revisit the tutorial.

It's still a great lesson on how I light during a real wedding. It features me shooting through my Zumbrella, how I balance the light, and how I compose images. It's been a perennial favorite so enjoy it again.

1024x768 - LR3 Secret Settings#3 - Lightroom 3 Secret Settings – [link]

This was the third most popular Technique Tuesday post for 2010. And again, one of the reasons for it’s popularity is that I mentioned it during our 2010 tour. I still think you're find it quite helpful as needed to and fine-tune your images within Lightroom 3.

#4 - Lighting And Shooting Large Groups  [link]

This post is actually the first Technique Tuesday in which I discussed posing large groups. Taken with the number one post above, you get a lot of insights on what I try to accomplish in posing large groups. Enjoy!

1024x768 - Noise Noise #5 - Noise, Noise Go Away  [link]

As many of you know, I'm a high ISO speed freak. I was shooting an event and some of the natural light photographs were taken at 12,800 ISO. I thought it would be interesting to do a post on how I removed the noise from those images. It seemed a lot of photographers enjoyed knowing how I did it, too. So, if you want to revisit the techniques I shared just follow the link above.


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  LaDawn is insisting that I organize my belongings that I have scattered all over my studio, get them put away and then it's onto removing the Christmas decorations.

See everybody soon, David

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