Monday, January 03, 2011

Quick Hit Monday: Cheating the Sync Again; Winter Wonderland; Getting RAW Right; Landscape Photography; Classes Not To Be Missed; Video DSLR Training; and More!

Good Morning Everybody,

I hope every one had a chance to enjoy the New Year weekend. We landed in Orlando, FL mid-day Friday and welcomed the new year rather quietly, dinner with friends, - we are so boring on New Year's Eve.

HGVC 1We've settled in warm, sunny Florida and are looking forward to a relaxing stay combining work with a little play. One item on our agenda this week is a trip to Kelby Media for some 2011 planning for Kelby Training videos. This year I feel the schedule is loosened up a bit to make that happen and I'm really looking forward to it.

Also, this is the week I begin my new book - working title "What Makes An Image Beautiful?". I plan to have it expand on what "Captured By The Light" started. I'm working on the outline today and hope to get a few thousand words laid down this week. I'm really looking forward to the new project.

Since things are starting easy with me this week, why don’t we get right to Quick Hit Monday. Here we go...

My Cheatin' Sync Revisited Over At adobe TV

DAZ w-MattMy "Google Alert" popped this story last week. I did an episode for Photoshop User TV a few years ago featuring what many consider a very innovative way to use off-camera flash [link]. The basis of the tutorial is how to sync your flash at a shutter speed faster than the native sync of the camera. Anyway, it just popped up over at Adobe TV. Even though I reference the Canon 40D camera in the tutorial, the technique works with just about any DSLR.

I show how to sync the flash at say 1/400 second instead of the native camera speed of 1/250 second. Anyway, it a great tutorial and if you missed it, you can find it right here. Just a quick note - Adobe TV has tons of great information available, so spend a little time to check out the other goodies they have. Here is the main Adobe TV link.

Winter Wonderland Fun

SnowflakeOK, all you snow birds - want to have some fun with your winter snow photos? I found this fun tutorial [link] on how to do just that. I think the result is kind of cool too. Steve Rosen's tutorial walks you through each step resulting in a nifty result. Heck, it just might be your favorite image for next year's Christmas card ;~)

Getting It Right With RAW - Exposure That Is

There are so many theories about getting the right exposure when shooting RAW. I, for one have my method which works beautifully for me that I outlined in last year's Captured By The Light Tour.

RAW ArticleSome folks think that the envelope can be pushed a bit more or better said - the histogram can be pushed a bit more to the right in order to reduce noise in the shadows. That's the thrust of the article. The premise is that the whites should land at 255 on the histogram which is OK when shooting RAW. Just be sure there's not much more detail above that number.

I prefer shooting my "diffuse whites" so they land at 235 on the X axis of the histogram. Anyway, the article is a good read with lots of well documented info [link]. BTW - plenty of other good info over there too.

Check out this link over at which has an in-depth article on the subject right here. Give it a read.

Amber Waves Of Grain and From Sea To Shining Sea

You've got to check out the latest publication at Craft and Vision [link].

Craft and VisionMichael Frye’s images are just stunning and for only $5.00, it's a great inspirational resource for any photographer. What can I say… just beautiful scenics.

GoldsteinOn that same note, Jim Goldstein, at JMG Galleries has just announced his 2011 series of workshops [link]. Jim's work is outstanding and I think attending one of his workshops would be a treat. He keeps his class size to only 4-6 people so you get an especially hands on learning experience. One of these days, I hope to take a class from Jim myself. Here is the link for all the info.

Time To Go Back To School

Hey gang, I thought I'd take a minute to tell you about some great educational experiences coming your way in 2011. I'm involved in all three which is why I want to point your attention towards them.

Photo Pro Expo: Friday through Sunday, January 21-23

This is the deal of the century - 10 great speakers, 3 full days - only $149. That's less than $50/day! This fantastic opportunity [link] is happening in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area in less than three weeks! And, they just extended the early bird deadline for signing up!


You'll get a chance to hear one of America's top wedding photographers, Cliff Mautner. You can catch Cliff at Kelby Training link. Why not catch him in person at the Pro Photo Expo. Also appearing will be premier lighting guru, Tony Corbell, along with Skip Cohen, past president of Hasselblad USA and WPPI. The list goes on and on.

Room rates at the beautiful Marriott hotel are only $99/night. Why not take the weekend off and come on down for a great learning opportunity and some fantastic fun. I will definitely see you there!

Texas School: May 1-5, Dallas, Texas

Texas School is the largest and best attended schools of it's kind in the country [link]. I had the wonderful experience of teaching there years ago and have been asked to return for the 2011 rooster of classes.

Texas School

Hey, I'd like you to stop by and take my class but there are several others to chose from too. The all-inclusive rate of only $895.00 for 5 days of learning just can't be beat! Here is the link for all the Texas School class info. Hope to see you there.

Learn How To Shoot Video With Your New DSLR Camera

VimeoYep, I'm telling you true. A lot of us have the latest DSLR cameras and have no idea how to even get started with using the video capabilities of the cameras. Our good buddies at Vimeo just may have the solution for you [link]. They've just opened up their Video School with the kick off video featuring one of the best of the best in the DSLR video field, Mr. Phillip Bloom.

Vimeo has several videos in the can ready to view right now. This whole "video thing" has been a big stumbling block for lots of photographers. Vimeo's video school should help you iron out the wrinkles of the entire process. Here is the link to the Vimeo Video School right here.

One For The Road – Better Than Tiffany’s

Camera jewerlyMy daughter Elizabeth, my fashion junky, sent me this link.  Jewelry much better than Tiffany’s right here.  Who says there is no life after death with film cameras?  Yes, it seems South Australia Craig Arnold, has found a clever way to recycle old cameras and lenses – he makes jewelry out of them.  Next time you buy a new camera, why not pick up a piece of jewelry for your spouse too ;~)


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  Today is my first day in writing my new book and I’m stoked.  I’ll keep you updated with reports from time to time and maybe even an image or two.

And, don’t forget to check back tomorrow for a brand new Technique Tuesday: Environmental Portraits – Part 2.  See ya’ tomorrow.

Adios, David

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