Friday, January 21, 2011

"Romantic Beginnings"

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"Romantic Beginnings"
©David A. Ziser

This is the Marriott location in which we are having our PhotoPro Expo this weekend. In fact programs are already underway. In addition to holding many business functions, the hotel is also host to several weddings in Northern Kentucky. Why? Because of the beautiful gazebo you see in this image.

I prefer making this backlit silhouette from two vantage points. This is the first - it's from the lobby level up to the second floor. The gazebo does a great job of providing a very dramatic setting for the shot. The low perspective also adds to the dramatic feel of the image.

The challenge is in seeing the bride and groom in the image. I had to have then lean slightly over the railing so I could better see their  profiles. The other challenge was to get the light on them so the light could be seen by the camera.

Most readers of this blog know that I recommend the flash be 12 feet behind the subjects about 4 feet off the ground. That is not the case in this photograph. Had the flash been that close to the floor, we probably would not see much of it wrapping around the bride and groom.

I needed the flash in alignment from camera to subject. That meant my assistant would be standing behind the couple holding the flash slightly above his head. He still wouldn't be seen by the camera with my very low vantage point.

With the couple looking at each other romantically, underexposing the background by about a stop, and my assistant's flash at 1/4 power, I fired away.

Camera specs: Canon 30D fitted with 17-85mm IS at 17mm, F5.6 @ 1/250 second, ISO 800. Enjoy! –David

p.s. Sorry posts have been erratic these last few days.  I’ve been buried with convention responsibilities at PhotoPro Expo and hardly have a minute to breathe.  I’ll try to get the Business Day Thursday post up this weekend.

Thanks, David

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  1. Really appreciate you tips David - thanks for all your efforts.