Friday, January 07, 2011

Friday Wrap Up: Great New Book Ideas; Inkjet Issues Solved; Help Wanted; and Agave Update

Good Morning Everybody,

Orlando to SarasotaWe put quite a few miles on the rental car yesterday traveling from Orlando over to Oldsmar near Tampa and then down to Sarasota and back - only about 275 miles. Here are the quick highlights of yesterday's trip.

Visit To Kelby Media World Headquarters

Kelby MediaThat was our first stop yesterday. It was fun to catch up with many of the Kelby Media crew. Kathy gave us a tour of the new facilities and they are phenomenal, especially the video department. They now have six sets in which they shoot everything from D-Town [link] to Photoshop User TV [link] and everything in-between.

We had a nice lunch with Scott and Dave and discussed new book plans. Both of them had some great ideas. Not to let the "cat out of the bag" or anything but the thrust of the new book is going to be lighting. Lighting brides and groom, couples, just about anybody anytime, anyplace, with any camera or lens. What do you think? I'm stoked! I'll provide more details as things develop.

We also discussed a few ideas for an upcoming series of Kelby Training videos. I thinks the first video will be on photographing, posing, lighting for an engagement couple. We're kicking around a few other ideas too. Again, I'll keep you posted.

Heading To LexJet - Inkjet Issues Solved!

Our next stop was to Sarasota where I wanted to catch up with my buds at LexJet. I'll tell ya' they are the nicest people. Tom and Kelly, my rep who I finally got to meet for the first time in person, gave us a tour of all the new products and some great ideas in how we could use them in my fine art endeavors.

Lexjet picFor those of you doing any printing on canvas, Kelly recommended their new Sunset Select Matte Canvas at only $.90 sq.ft. That's like half the cost of their other canvases and it's more durable and has a much brighter base than regular canvas media.

Another highlight of the visit was meeting Adam, LexJet's resident inkjet printing guru. I've mentioned here at DPT that we put in Canon's iPF 8100 printer about a year ago and we LOVE it. It's fast and puts out beautiful prints. Our problem was all the profiles we downloaded from Lexjet just didn't work with QImage, the software we use to drive the Canon printer. We always figured out a work-a-round and managed to still get great output on a variety of mediums.

I raised the question with Adam and he tells me that the profiles on-line only work when printing from Photoshop. Bummer, that's not good for us since we queue up several sheets to print at one time.

But, Adam had the easy solution. Just print out some test images from sample TIFFs he would email me and send them to him. Using LexJet's gazillion dollar profile making hardware and software he would gladly make custom profiles for me. In fact LexJet offers the service to any of their customers at NO charge. Don't you love great customer service? That's why I love those guys - if it's Inkjet, call LexJet!! [link].

Update On Blue Agave

Hey everybody, thanks for the nice remarks on the Blue Agave post yesterday. Just to clarify two points that were raised. I use to host several of my fine art images. Here is the link. They do a good job, you name your own prices and the cost is only $99/yr.

DAZ Imagekind

The other question that came up was as to the sharpness of the 12-24mm lens. I think my 12-24mm lens is plenty sharp. I had read years ago before I purchased it that some folks, not many, had a problem with the sharpness of the early production models. They simply exchanged them.

Sigma 12-24My experience with Sigma lens has always been quite positive. I think they make the best super wide angle lenses you can get. In fact, they make the THE widest angle lenses you can get. You've seen that in the variety of images I've posted that were taken with the 12-24mm and their brand new 8-16mm for APS sized sensor cameras like the Canon 7D. What can I say, I’m a BIG fan.

Still Looking For Help For Imaging USA

Help Wanted_thumb[2]Earlier this week, I posted that I was presenting to a large audience in about 10 days at Imaging USA and put out a call for help setting up for the program. LaDawn got a few responses but could still use another hand or two. If you plan to be at Imaging USA and can help, yes-goodies included, contact LaDawn at and she can give you the times and details.

One For The Road – Good Training, Great Price

Friday PhotoSchool offerI just got a note from my good friends at Friday Photo School.  I did a program for them a few months ago that went great.  Well, they have bundled my program with two more from Rick Ferro and Bill Innes.

Here is the lowdown:

• Preparing Yourself for Excellent Wedding and Portrait Images with William Innes

• Top Ten Posing Tips with Rick Ferro

• Lighting, Lenses, and Locations: Exciting Bridal Portraits with David Ziser

$43 for 4.5 hours of “live training” – what a deal!

Here is the link right here.


Hey gang, that's it for me today. The sun has finally come out after four days in Orlando and I think LaDawn and I are going to soak up a few rays.

How about I see you next week, same time, same station. Have a great weekend and I'll see you then.

Adios, David

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