Monday, January 10, 2011

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

Lion Sleeps TonightDSCF0579

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
©David A. Ziser

Today’s image was taken with the camera I want to love but just don’t.  We visited the “mouse” over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom yesterday and took the Safari trip – very cool by the way.  I thought the Fuji HS10 would be the perfect choice for the wild adventure and I left the Canon back at the hotel.  Kick me please about 10 times – what a mistake!

Any golfers out there ever want to throw your clubs into the lake – that’s EXACTLY how I felt about the Fuji’ s performance yesterday.  I had a wonderful opportunity to capture some great wildlife photographs, BUT the Fuji, total lack of any kind of responsiveness negated that opportunity about 90% of the time. ‘Nough said on the camera.

This is one of the few photos that I felt looked good for today’s post.  Yes, you do get a good view of the animals on the safari adventure.  I just wish I would have grabbed the right camera for the job.  Anyway, as we rolled along, the animals were quite active yesterday evening, including the lions. 

The female lion was just resting on a rock as the sun was setting in the  distance. But then she started to move around.  I felt like this image captured the feeling of what one might see on a real African safari, LaDawn’s dream vacation.  Hope you enjoy it.

Camera specs: Fuji HS10 fitted with 24-720mm lens at 300mm (35mm format equivalent), F8.0 @ 1/2900 second, ISO 100.  Enjoy!  -David


  1. Nice photo, I would have never guessed this was not taken on safari.


  2. He's not asleep