Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wednesday: The One That Got Away: Beautiful Dreamer

Good Morning Everybody,

In-N-Out Burger After a quick stop at the In-n-Out Burger (life is so exotic on the road), we were heading to Woodland Hills, CA a short drive up the road landing about 1:00 p.m.  It was a  nice, easy drive with some pretty nice California countryside.

Last night’s program went off without a hitch – my voice even started to make a slight comeback.  I was getting a bit worried, so I was really relieved to see the improvement.

My thanks to all of the attendees that came up to say, express how much they enjoyed the program and said that they are really looking forward to purchasing the video when it becomes available.

DWUC2009 Video, what video? Well, last night and and the night before we  recorded the entire program!  My buddy, Marc Blake, who produced last year’s widely acclaimed Digital WakeUp Call 9 DVD set [link], was on hand for this year’s program, too. I can’t wait to see Marc’s added creativity to this project.  I think this year’s Captured By The Light 2010 program [link] is so jammed packed with information, it will be a great resource for any photographer wanting to take their photography and lighting to the next level.  I’ll keep you posted as we get close to the finished DVD.

Today we have another episode of the one that got away.  Why not give it a read below.

The One That Got Away: Beautiful Dreamer

One Got Away 11-3-10Group4RH-8712 This is an image taken by a member of my last Master Class.  It is an image I wanted to love so much.  Here’s what I thought the photograph had going for it.

1. I love the soft expression on the bride’s face.

2. The lighting is just about perfect – a beautiful loop light on her face models the facial features and is very flatteringly.

3. I really like the shadows in the background.  They seem to offer a cool abstract quality to the portrait.

OK, you think I’m waxing fantastic over this image.  To see what I think could improve this portrait and really take it to the next level, hit the “Read More…” link below for the rest of the story.

One Got Away 11-3-10Group4RH-8712Like I mentioned, I really liked the image, but I think there is quite a bit that could be done to really make the image sing.  Here is the list.

1.  Lighting is good, but the pose bothers me a bit.  The bride is falling out of the 2/3’s view of the face.  What do I mean by that?  Her nose is breaking the cheek line which tends to make the nose look bigger that it really is.  Nobody wants to look like they have a big nose, especially a bride.

2.  We call it the “amputee” look – her left wrist has been cut off in the crop of the image.  The general rule of thumb is to always show all the connected body parts.

3. Notice how the “cords of neck” are so pronounced.  This can be alleviated by having the bride relax a bit more.  Just an easy comment by the photographer saying, “You look gorgeous, just relax your shoulders a bit.”  The shoulders would have relaxed immediately. Maybe an extension of her supporting arm to add just a bit of diagonal direction to her body could have helped.

4.  If I was being really picky, I would have had her straighten her necklace. You don’t want to fix it in Photoshop when a quick adjustment before making the exposure would do the trick.

That’s pretty much completes the little tweets to this image.  It’s really nice the way it stands, but with an added tweak or too, it could have been a magazine cover.  Remember, it the little things that count big in a outstanding photograph.


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  We are hitting the road for Sacramento today.  It’s about a 6 hour drive and we are looking forward to the drive.  Hey, we might even hit another In-n-Out Burger for lunch if I can talk LaDawn into it ;~)  -ld- NO WAY!!

Tomorrow is our last stop on Captured By The Light 2010 tour [link].  Why don’t jump a plane, train, or automobile come on by.  We have about 250 photographers pre registered, but I promise, we’ll find room for you.  I’ve even invited Arnold S, the gov, to come on by too – so who knows who you might see there ;~)

If you can’t make it, I’ll understand.  But still plan to stop back here at DPT for another addition of Business Day Thursday: Going Pro – Some Things You Need To Know.

Hope to see ya’ then,  -David

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  1. David, Consumer Reports reported this month on a survey they did of burger places. In-n-Out was number one on the list.