Friday, November 26, 2010

Crazy Cabo Road Trip – The Journey Begins

DAZ - Kent

Good Morning Everybody,

First of all, I hope everybody (USA bound) had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day yesterday.  I delivered an  3 volume album set to one of my favorite clients, who was thrilled to have them by (on)Thanksgiving.  Plus, I had promised her I would deliver them by TGD too so when they arrived late Wednesday, I had to make good on my commitment.

We also had a mid-day shoot for one of my best clients who just got back into town and needed a quick photograph of their new baby that recently came into their lives.  After that we mostly just relaxed. My thanks to all who sent Thanksgiving Day wishes  – THANKS a bunch!

Crazy Cabo Road Trip Happens Today!

To Cabo The bags are packed and we are ready to roll.  Kent should be showing up in just a few minutes – the adventure begins!

As I mentioned last week, I’m changing up the “look and feel” of DPT for the next few days as Kent and I head across country in his new Baja Jeep. I hope to be posting several times a day and even through the weekend. Hey, it may be very interesting or very boring – who knows.

I’ll be running with a Verizon MI-FI hot spot in the Jeep so we will be rolling live as long as we have connectivity.  I’m also planning to blog from my iPad to ease the blogging process – we’ll see how that works out too.

Anyway, Kent just showed up so we are hitting the road like right now.  Yep, that’s us ready to head on out. Check back in later today for updates – See ya’ soon.



  1. David,

    Good luck on your trip. I had this, almost exact Jeep, in the two door version. Lots of fun to drive but you'll probably be wishing for a softer, smoother ride by the time you guys arrive. Sounds like fun!

  2. David I've never seen you so relaxed, without a sports coat, shirt and tie.... You almost look normal. Safe travels!