Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Technique Tuesday: Wide Angle Wonderfulness – Tips and Tricks On Using Very Wide Angle Lenses

Good Morning Everybody,

My presentation went great at Google yesterday.  We had about 50% more people show up for the program than expected.  It was literally standing room only in the meeting room with the attendees spilling out into surrounding areas. We even had folks tuned in on Google’s video conference system from 5 other corporate locations up and down the West Coast – very cool.

DAZ - Google IMG_1237

If you attended one of my tour seminars then you won’t be surprised that my program went 30 minutes past the scheduled time, but most stayed till the end.  My thanks to all that attended and especially my THANKS to my buddy, Mike Wiacek [link], who arranged our visit.  I heard Serge and Larry were invited, but just weren’t able to attend – maybe next time ;~)

Wide Angle Wonderfulness – Tips and Tricks On Using Very Wide Angle Lenses

Hey gang, I promised LaDawn a short and sweet post today, but still managed to pull together a pretty cool Technique Tuesday.

Canon G12Two things about today’s post.  First I used my new Canon G12 to shoot the intro and exit videos for today’s tutorial.  I’m pretty happy with the video quality.  I didn’t use auxiliary mics so I hope the sound is OK.  Using the little G12 sure makes the video clips easy to produce when I’m on the road.  I’m going to experiment a bit more with this little gem and see what develops.

Today’s post is all about wide angle lenses – how to use them, how to shoot them, the pitfalls of using the super wide optics, and more.

Why not hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show.


Hey everybody, that’s it for me today.  We are off exploring the town of Los Gatos and surrounds.  Tomorrow I’ll be back with an very interesting post about a recent photo contest I judged.  It’s sort of like my Wednesday posts entitled “The One That Got Away” but with a different twist.  I hope you enjoy it.

See everyone tomorrow.

Adios, David


  1. David,

    I had the Canon Powershot G7 and now have the G10. Can't keep up--now the G12 is out! Its a great camera! I have mine with me all the time.

  2. Great tutorial! I learned something new!