Monday, November 22, 2010

Quick Hit Monday: Deals, Deals, and More Deals, and Lots Of Freebies

Good Morning, uh… Afternoon, Everybody,

Bear LR My day started at 5:00 a.m. this morning working on a client order.  Then the “bear” reared it’s ugly head and thought he had me today. It’s been quite a day, you know, a day that starts to go “south” just when you are trying to leave for a two week vacation – whew!  I think I got the best of it now though – at least I hope so.  Anyway, on to a brighter things…

Holidays 1 I hope everybody had a great weekend. With the Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner for us, LaDawn was anxious to get started on the holiday decorating. The weather was perfect and we even got a start on the outside of the house. You can begin to feel the seasonal excitement in the air.

We also had a great KPPA Print Review webcast yesterday. So many great images and so little time. We had about 150 images submitted and I think each maker got a fair shake from our judges. Winners will be posted soon so stay tuned. Also, I recorded the Print Review so I’ll let you know when its ready to view too.

We've got a pretty busy week wrapping up a few more client orders for the holidays and then we are heading to Cabo, Mexico after Thanksgiving. Actually I’m DRIVING to Cabo, Mexico with my buddy, Kent Smith, leaving on Friday. Hey, it's only a 3,200 mile drive!!! It's a long story - I'll plan to fill you in as things progress ;~)

Hey guys and girls, we've got lots of things to announce today so let's get right to it. Here we go...

Printer Deal Of The Century!

Lexjet Special Folks, if any of you are looking to purchase a new inkjet printer, call my friend Kelly right now at   800-453-9538. This is the time to do it. I couldn't believe this when I got the email from Lexjet last week [link]. First of all, Lexjet worked a deal with Canon to offer the Canon iPF 8300 with a complete set of the 330mm for only $2,299 till the end of the year - a steal of a deal!

But last week the deal was sweetened beyond compare. LexJet just added an iPad to the deal. That's right - the printer, inks, and now an Apple iPad for only $2,299!!! This deal expires on November 26, 2010. Give my friend Kelly a call if you're interested.

More Photos, Always The Best Just Got Better

You know, when your clients view their images on line, they want a great viewing experience. Too much "finger gymnastics" means a very frustrating time for your clients and only fills them with negative feelings as they look at your fabulous images you worked so hard to produce for them. You want them to feel good about the experience.

More Photos2 More Photos new web experience is exactly that - a great viewing experience. Now it's easy to log in to the client order and see the images. What makes the More Photos site so cool is the fact that it let's the client view the images as a slide show AND mark their favorites without stopping the show.

Like I said, too many "finger gymnastics" to view 100's or 1000's of images on line is a royal pain. With More Photos new site, we just direct the client to start the slide show, grab an "adult beverage", and enjoy the show in the comfort of their home - so nice.

More Photos were CBTL sponsors and had a fabulous intro offer for anyone wanting to give them a try. I called them earlier today to see if they would extend it to our DPT readers and they gladly obliged.

They are extending our CBTL special for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  The setup fee for only $50, normally $200 (75% off).  Just call (231) 932-0855 ext 4 and mention the CBTL special. They are happy to lock it in and you can set it up after the holidays – but you’ve got to call by Monday. 

Even More Good Deals and Some Freebies Over at Graphic Authority

I just received this email from Graphic Authority mentioning their Thanksgiving Day Specials. Not only are the prices hard to beat, but they are also throwing in FREE brushes every Friday. Here is the exact wording and links from their newsletter. Check it out. FREE is always a good deal!

The celebration starts now for Thanksgiving!

Graphic Authority Specials The celebration starts now! Click the link or paste and copy it into your browser and get a set of 15 free brushes by Cheryl Walsh 

The celebration will continue with freebies posted on our Facebook page every day Monday through Friday at noon CST. You will have 24 hours to take advantage of downloading the freebies. The freebie links will only be posted on our Facebook page, and will not be emailed.

We will then top it off by a super Black Friday sale. More details on the sale will come in my weekly email next Wednesday.

Have fun!!!

How about a Treasure Trove Of Tutorials and More Freebies

It seemed like the week for "Good Deal" newsletters. Hey, maybe it's that Black Friday thing going around. Anyway, I get this newsletter from Photoshop Roadmap. I don't remember getting it before or maybe I missed it. I didn't miss it this time and I'm glad I didn't.

Photoshop roadmap The newsletter was jammed packed full of goodies on all things Photoshop! Here is the link to tons, of tutorials, freebie brushes and so much more. You won't believe your eyes - check it out right here.


Hey gang, that’s it for me today. I’ve just flat ran out of time today and I’m taking the team out for a little pre-holiday celebration.  I’m still looking to have a Technique Tuesday land here sometime tomorrow.  So check back and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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  1. Is anyone interested in MorePhotos???

    I just attended a David Ziser workshop and won the following door prize:

    More Photos Online Solutions for Photographers
    Website Setup
    Online Galleries
    Shopping Cart

    MorePhotos charges $200 for the website setup and $49 a month for their services. The total value of this package is $347. I just set up the exact same thing with another company. Otherwise I'd be all over this.

    Please let me know if you'd be interested in this package. I have no need for it and don't want it to go to waste.