Friday, October 08, 2010

Friday: Our Week In Review

Good Morning Everybody,

Lake view We landed in Rockville, Maryland after a 7 1/2 drive up from Charlotte. I'll tell ya', we were surprised that most of the driving was on non-expressway state routes. We sort of felt like Charles Kuralt [link] traveling the highways and byways of North Carolina and Virginia. The fields and green rolling hills for most of the trip made for a very pleasant drive.

Traffic Of course, as we approached metro Washington, D.C. traffic picked up considerably and we sat in a rolling parking lot for the last half hour of the trip. No problem though, we arrived safe and sound, settled in for the weekend and we are looking forward to seeing the DC sites over our extended weekend.

Since we left good ol' KY on Monday morning we have traveled 900 miles so far on this fourth leg of our journeys. The driving has shown us some beautiful sites along the way. The weather has been perfect each day, and we have met more than 600 of the friendliest people at the three cities we have visited.

I was so humbled when one of our attendees came up to me at one of our breaks, a doctor by profession, but a photo enthusiastic by love, and told me he rescheduled 50 patients just to be in attendance that evening - WOW! This week we also had two folks that flew into town just to hear the program, and 80 more that have driven over 3 hours to attend the program.

As I write this, I sure hope I gave everybody their money's worth. LaDawn and I continue to discuss what we can drop from the program to shorten it up a bit. My reaction is that the program is so tight right now - There is just no fat to trim. How to I compensate for that - I talk about a million miles an hour to get through all the content on time.

I joke that you get more words per minute from a Ziser seminar than any other ;~)  I still haven't ended on time yet. We generally wrap about 10:40p.m. but nobody seems to mind since the audience stays pretty much locked to there seats till the end. You know, I love what I do and I'm glad our audiences are enjoying the program.

This week we were honored to have Rick Trummer, from ACI Labs, traveling with us . Rick is a good friend and always brings his infectious sense of humor and energy to any event he attends. Last year Rick began the tradition of leading the audience in a WAVE during my Digital WakeUp Call Tour as we gave away our final door prize of the evening - convention registration to Photoshop World. We have continued the tradition this week too. Here is a quick video of our Nashville "airplane hanger" visit - Hey, all in good fun. Thanks Rick!

Probably the most unusual tour experience we have experienced was Wednesday evening when the fire alarm sounded and we had to exit the building twice! The crowd didn't seem to mind too much showing their enthusiasm in this video here.

So with three more cities behind us and new friends made along the way, we are looking forward to next week as we travel up the east coast visiting Washington D.C. on Monday, Philadelphia on Tuesday, Newark, N.J. on Wednesday, and finally end the week in Boston on Thursday. You can still register right here and be part of the fun.

Then it's the long drive back home to get ready for my Master Class the following week. Just a quick note - one of the class members had a change of plans so we still have one last seat available for the class. Give the studio a call at 859.341.5900 if you would like to nab the last minute seat.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. Thanks for letting me give you a peek behind the scenes of our tour this week. We'll get back to our regular programming next week. Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday.

Adios everybody, David

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  1. David: I was at the Atlanta location tour from this week. I would suggest you keep the length as meat packed as possible. 10:40PM means we are getting our monies worth. You do a great job getting a lot of good information out. I just have to speed up my Alabama mind to a Cincinnati speed mind. We say little to say a lot down here but you can't do that in teaching a class your yours. Thanks for teaching.