Monday, October 04, 2010

Quick Hit Monday: New Podcast; Too Much To Learn; From Here To Eternity; and More

Good Morning Everybody,

Nashville Today is the day we begin leg 4 of our Captured By The Light 2010 tour. This week we head to Nashville, Atlanta, and Charlotte and are looking forward to meeting everyone along the way.

If you haven't registered, you can still get all the tour info and register right here. All attendees receive over $350 in goodies and a 9 hour tour DVD in the Welcome Bag just for registering.  And, don't forget those Door Prizes - over $6000 given away each evening! Hope to see you there.

We aren’t coming to a city near you. You can still sign up then just contact my office email and the entire Welcome Bag will be shipped to you.

Hey gang, I've got lots of interesting, fun photo bits for you today. Let's get right to it.

My New Podcast At

CameraDoJo A few weeks ago, Kerry Garrison, the force behind invited me to sit in for another podcast. Kerry has about 100 of these podcasts on line with topics ranging the photographic spectrum. They are always a good listen.

On Thursday, we discussed Lighting, Clients, and Business. Download it to your iPod and give a listen. Here is the link right here.

Too Much Learning, Too Little Time

Adobe Press Adobe Press/Peachpit Press have recently introduced their brand new "Learn By Video" Series. I've had a peek behind the scenes at their new series with Peachpit/Adobe Press on board as a CBTL tour sponsor. I have to say, it's one of the fastest, easiest, not to mention fun way to learn Photoshop, Lightroom, or just about anything Adobe.

They have just announced that the "Learn By Video" series is now available for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Check it out right here.  Each lesson is a steal of a deal at only $1.99!

From Here To Eternity

Yep, that's the Buzz Lightyear mantra In Toy Story, but now, it seems that Adobe has made it true. I caught this unusual little story about Adobe showing off plenoptic lenses [link] that let you refocus an image after it's taken.

Plenoptic lens

It's fascinating technology - how close is it to practical application? I guess nobody knows for sure, but the video was fun to watch. You can catch it right here.

More info over at Wikipedia right here about the original research.

Riding The Web Wave To 360 Pano Inspiration

One thing I enjoy doing over the weekend if I have a little time off is to just hit the web and see if I can find any new interesting photo sites. I found a few interesting sites over the last few weekends I'd like to point you towards. Here is my quick list in no particular order.

360 Degree Panoramas:

360 PanoOriginally I saw fellow blogger, Neil Creek's Tweet about his latest 360 degree image he recently posted at [link]. I've always been intrigued by panoramas, especially the 360 degree variety. is the Nirvana of 360 degree images. Here is the link right here to check out their amazing images. The site is almost addicting once you get started exploring the images. Plan a loooong coffee break today to check it out.

Fire and Ice - And HDR Amazing

WebecoistRecently I  stumbled on some great images at This is another fun site to explore. Check out the HDR water, snow, and ice images right here.

Here is another link to some phenomenal natural phenomena too - worth the peek, the images are mind blowing!

A Video Peek 10 Of The World's Best Wedding Photographers

Jerry G I also stumbled on this video right here showing video snippets of how 10 of the top wedding photographers capture their shots. It was fascinating for me to watch, because none of them, as far as I could tell, were using any auxiliary flash. Most images were shot in a coached candid fashion shoot kind of way. Anyway, these might tickle a brain juice or two and give you a few more ideas for you to incorporate on your next wedding shoot.

Finally….. Totally Not Related To Photography - Very Scary High Jinx (very high)

This is one of those links that maybe only I enjoy. It has nothing to do with photography, lighting, Photoshop, or Lightroom. It's just something I found really kind of boring, then interesting, and finally absolutely terrifying as I watched the video till the end [link].

Tower Climb As simple as it sounds, it is a video of an antenna engineer climbing one of the tallest antennas in the world to make some repairs. This antenna is taller than the Sears (Willis) Tower in Chicago  Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? Well, it is until about 2/3's of the way through the video then you are grabbing white knuckled onto the chair arms of your chair.

I was amazed how this video drew me into this guy climbing the super tall tower, but by the time he neared the top, I didn't want to look down at all! Skip the link if you want, but if you have nerves of steel, make the climb with the engineer. All in good fun.


Hey gang, that's it for me today. We are on the road early today and plan to land in Nashville around 1:00 this afternoon for set up. I hope you get a chance to stop by tonight. If you do, please come on up and say HI.

If I miss you tonight, I'll see ya' bright and early tomorrow for Technique Tuesday.

Adios everybody, David

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  1. That video is amazing! I'd love to get up there to shoot a 360 pano!