Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wednesday: The One That Got Away: Oh So, So Close…

Good Morning Everybody,

Storm Neither rain, nor sleet,60 mile per hour wind gusts, nor torrential downpours could keep our attendees away last night.  And, boy, did the rains come yesterday even knocking out power to our studio for about an hour.

We were originally forecasting around 180 to attend the Columbus presentation but we had over 225 excited photographers turn out for the program last night.  As usual, the program went about 15-20 minutes long but most did not seem to care and stayed till the end.  Many had even driven more than 3-5 hours to attend the presentation.  Once again, my sincere thanks to EVERYONE that attended.

Belt I have one funny story to share with you about last night’s program.  You know you have too much going on in your life when you pack your bags and forget a few key essentials.  LaDawn and I get the the room to change for the program.  I realize I had forgotten a black belt to go with my black and grey pants and slacks. 

Shoes But then disaster really struck when I hear LaDawn utter a “bowling word” from the hotel bedroom.  LaDawn does not use “bowling words” very often.  I asked her what was up. She explained to me her frustration and all I could do was smile.  In a very loving way, I put my arms around her and assured her all would be OK – nobody would even notice.  The BIG catastrophe, she packed one pair of shoes but each shoe was a  DIFFERENT style – whoops!

Being the constant optimist, I said look at the bright side, at least they were not for the same foot;~)  We had a good laugh and headed to the program. Just a few more truals and adventures of being on-the-road!

The One That Got Away: So, So Close…

One thing I enjoy during my Master Class is reviewing the work submitted by our attendees.  Sure, everyone is at different stages in their photographic development and everyone is in the process of developing his/her own style.  That’s what makes it so much fun to see their work, because every now and then someone comes pretty close to hitting it out of the park.

One That Got Away_MG_2658

That’s what happening in this image.  I just love it – why?

1. I love the carefree look of them walking down this cobblestone path.

2. I love how they just seem to be almost bouncing lightly down the path.

3. I love their position within the composition.  See how all the lines – the top and bottom of the hedge on the right and the curb on the left all lead your eye to the happy couple.

I love how the maker has their faces positioned at “nodal point #2”.

For me, the image dances off the page.

So, what makes the image just miss for me?

Hit the “Read More…” link below for the rest of the story.

Really, it’s only one minor item. It’s the fact that the couple is NOT fully engaged with each other.  I think the groom looks great smiling at his bride.  I just wish the bride was looking at her groom with a more pleasing expression, maybe even a  big happy smile.


When you look closely at the image, I see just half an expression in the bride’s face.  It’s almost the start of what I want to see.  I can almost see her in the next second or two bursting into a smile as she raises her eyes to her groom. 

The shutter button was pressed milliseconds too soon. So sometimes it’s important to just keep shooting. Don’t just stop with one or two images, capture a dozen then find the best to present to the client. This image is so close, yet so…. – you know what I mean.

No don’t get me wrong.  I think the client might love the photograph – it’s really nice as I pointed out in my opening comments.  But, one soft look, one easy smile from the bride would have hit this image out of the park!


Webcast Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  We head back to Cincy in just a few minutes and should land about noon.  That should give me enough time to put the finishing touches on today’s Rocket Speed Digital Design webcast.  You still have time to register and can do so by hitting the link right here.

How about I see you on-line later this afternoon, or right here at DPT tomorrow for Business Day Thursday.

Have a great one and I’ll see you soon,  -David


  1. WOW.... you are so right !!

  2. Hi David,

    Just finished watching your webcast. Had to drop you a note to say great show.



  3. David, brown is the look especially in italy, nice style.Dean, Sydney

  4. even with the picture of the shoes.... if you hadn't explained it, I wouldn't have noticed... and I am a female. hey, at least they were sort of close in appearance :)