Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday: Forget The Flash, Let's Just Rock On!

0002-Las Vegas F09-IMG_8059Good Morning Everybody,

We had a very leisurely flight out of Cincy yesterday arriving in Las Vegas for Photoshop World just as the Gate Gourmet was loading 1000 pounds of peanuts into the plane’s cabin. Ok, just joking. 

We landed safe and sound, got checked in, and then it was off to a 4 hour meeting with Adobe. 0003-Las Vegas F09-IMG_8060-EditBoy, the travel and the meeting sure made for a long day. But, no problem, I’m fired up today for my Wedding Shoot out.  I’ll post an image or two this week. 

A quick note, we are still looking for volunteers to help at my DWUC tour in Boston - 10/5, Hartford – 10/6, and New York – 10/7 & 10/8.  Please drop LaDawn a note at if you would like to help.

OK, gang, on with the show…

Hawaii Is Calling, Why Not Write It Off?

Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it?  Did you miss my Digital WakeUp Call tour when we hit your town?  Well now you’ve got a second chance to catch it.  Where, how about Hawaii.

Hey gang, I’m really only half joking, but why not consider making the tax deductable trip to Hawaii to catch my DWUC tour being presented in Honolulu on November 18, 2009. Then, heck stick around a few days for a little well deserved R&R.  What a sweet deal!  Hey, thought I would just put the “bug” in your ear ;~)

Forget The Flash, Let's Just Rock On!

Last week I started this series where I just wanted to discuss how much fun we can have just by leaving the flash in the gear bag and shooting "naked". Hey, it's only a metaphor gang.

Rockin' On Let's talk some more about that today. There are times when some of the wedding party members can really get caught up in the evening's festivities.  That was the case at this wedding.  The music was rockin',  the crowd was fired up, and the bride was having the time of her life.

Try to think what you would do in that situation.  How would you shoot it? Flash on as normal, second light, just a quick candid?  Sure, lot's of possibilities. But which technique would have produced the best results?  On camera flash - NOT! That would have "killed" the shot stealing all the excitement and emotion for the moment the bride conveys in this image.

Even with a second light, the colors, shadows, and details of the shot would have been terrific, but the shot would be missing a lot of the flavor of the moment had the ambient light been over-powered with strobes.

What lens to use? Another creative question we need to answer if we want the best shot.  In my opinion, anything but a wide angle lens would have diminished the result.  Next what angle did the shot need to be taken from?  With all the ceiling treatment, this pre-supposed a very low angle.

Now let's put all the pieces together. No flash could be used so that I could preserve the very dramatic colors of the ambient light on the ceiling.  It was a given for me that I wanted the widest angle lens that I could possibly use and that lens was the Sigma 12-24mm on my Canon 5D.  The low angle vantage point was the last ingredient in my recipe for this great shot. 

It was the bride's enthusiastic response to the music, the wide angle lens and the very low camera position that accentuated the bride's reach towards the sky, and all the party colors that captured the "rock on" feeling of this image - hence, it's title.  You can find the original "Image Of The Day" post and all the camera specs right here.

Hey gang, that's it for me today.  My wedding Shoot Out at Photoshop World Las Vegas starts shortly so we are heading out the door.  See everyone tomorrow for another Business Day Thursday.  See ya' then.  David

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