Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Is Canon 7D Live Or Is It Memorex - It's Live!!

A quick Good Morning to Everybody,

OK, what’s up? Well, I'm up bright and early this morning and there - sitting in my email inbox is a note from Amazon asking me to pre-purchase Canon's new 7D [link]. I guess the rumors were all true yesterday.  That's right, Canon just introduced their new 18 megapixel/video enabled Canon 7D.

Amazon 7D Amazon even had a link over to DPreview with one of their "First look"

previews.  Here is the link right here.  I just finished reading it word for word. The new big brother to the 50D sure looks like a winner to me!

One of the first things I like to look for are the noise levels at the higher ISOs.  From DPreview's Image Gallery, the noise at ISO 3200 looked non-existent to my eyes.  At ISO 12,800, it looks like ISO 3200 on my 50D. Yes, I did download the images for closer inspection. That puts the 7D in on par with my 5D MkII in the noise department.

I was also griping about losing one of my custom setting choices on the 50D.  The 5D has three, the 50D has 2, but the 7D has three.  I'll plan to do an entire post about that feature one day in the near future.

And, yes, the 7D has count them, 5 video settings.  Anyway, I wanted to get the word out early today.  This sounds like it’s going to cost me a few more dollars. I'll follow up with Technique Tuesday and the image post later today.  See ya' later,  -David


  1. let's not forget the built in speed light transmitter. That's the function I am most excited about

  2. Absolutely, the should be an easy firmware update to all existing models. However, I doubt this will ever happen. Maybe for 5D mark II???

  3. I am also most excited about the built in speedlite transmitter. I have been wishing that they would come out with firmware upgrade for existing cameras ever since I saw it on Nikons. Unfortunately, like Jiri, I think canon would rather sell new bodies than make ones they had already sold more useful.
    David- if you have the ear of anyone who has clout at Canon, let them know there is a whole bunch of photographers out there who would pay money to be able use their pop-up flash on their existing cameras as a commander flash.

  4. David,
    I'm surprised you suggest the 7D measures up to the noise levels of the 5DMII.

    Hope you are right but can't imagine that is the case.

    I'm debating this camera or wait for a 5DMII follow on that has all these great improvements but if you believe the 7D comes even close to the noise levels of the current 5DMII, I'm in !!