Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Technique Tuesday On Wednesday

Hi Folks,

Just doing a quick check in with everyone before I hit the stage here in Des Moines in about 20 minutes.  This morning I finished the tutorial for today's post and thought it would be up in no time.

Camtasia, the video editor I use, decided to go south.  After we got to Des Moines and got the room set up, I thought I could still get it posted.  I downloaded the latest version but still no go.

I gave a call to tech support and was on he phone for one solid hour – but an hour later all was fine.  That put me up to the wall to get changed and hit he stage for this evening’s program.

All seems to be working now so look for the post, “All Boxed In,” tomorrow.  It just finished processing and it is working just fine. Look for it tomorrow for sure.  Hey gang,  got to run – see everyone tomorrow for sure.  -David

1 comment:

  1. Great show last night David! So glad you included Des Moines in on your tour and thanks to B&H for the $50 Gift Certificate I won...

    So glad to see somebody covering the use of a lot of flash, and even the Quantum T5D... Even if you are a Canon shooter, your images are still incredible! ;)

    Your out of camera work is very nice. Thanks for the inspiration and I hope to see you down the road!!!