Monday, September 28, 2009

Quick Hit Monday: Tons Of Training, Great Wedding Photography, and More!

Good Morning Everybody,

PSW LV Hope everybody had a great weekend.  We arrived back home late afternoon on  Friday, unpacked the van and managed to return the van just two minutes before the extra charges kicked in - clean livin' I guess ;~) We got a chance to recharge our batteries and are packed and ready to head out for Photoshop World tomorrow. 

My sold-out Pre-con happens on Wednesday.  I love roaming through Mandalay Bay looking for the cool locations for some of my shots.  I've done a PSW pre-con here three times and each time there is a new place to place a camera.  Then we head to our off-premise location for real wedding pictures in a real church. This church is actually the Shrine of The Most Holy Redeemer, a very contemporary Catholic Church right across the street from the Mandalay Bay.  It's always a great place to capture some dramatic images. Let's see what happens this time around.

I'll keep you posted on what's happening this week, so stay tuned.  Hey gang, I've got a few interesting things to tell you about on today's Quick Hit Monday.  Here we go...

PhotoVision09 Four Hours Photography - Four Bucks

That's right. My good buddy and friend, Ed Pierce is offering 4 hours of photography training for only $4.  Ed has been producing his PhotoVision series for a number of years now.  They are hugely successful.  It's a video collection of lessons from some of the top wedding/portrait shooters and trainers in the country.  Here is the link to his site right here. Like Ed says, "The lessons are Guaranteed to educate, entertain, and captivate."  I'm planning to pick up my copy - all good stuff!

Chris and Lynn2 More Great Wedding Photography

OK, one of my favorite sites to visit is Crash Taylor's Photographers Interviews site right here.  I'll tell you, I don't know how he lines up the talent for his series each week.  What caught my attention this week is the fact that he is interviewing Chris and Lynn studios.

I actually featured them here at DigitalProTalk in my post "7 Inspirational Photographers."  Here is the link to that post right here.  Anyway, I love their work.  Check out Crash's interview with them right here - great images and great info.  Good job Crash!

Is Social Media Important - Wait, Keep Reading

Blogging buddy and great landscape photographer, Jim Goldstein, is presenting a program at Photo Plus Expo next month.  He asked me to spread the word about the Social Media survey he is putting together and requested that I ask our DPT readers to take the short survey [link]. 

Twitter SurveyHopefully you can help Jim out.  He's a great photographer with a great blog [link] and is an all around nice guy.  Don't forget to check out his blog too - I just came across one of his latest posts, "11 Must Have Photo Apps For Your iPhone" right here.  I'm heading there right after I finish Jim's survey.

Richard Harrinton PS app iPhotoshop On An iPhone

Well, something like that anyway.  I get a message via my Facebook page from Photoshop World buddy, Richard Harrington.

I'll tell you, Richard in one smart Photoshop of guy.  He just released his first iPhone app entitled, "Understanding Photoshop: Quick Fixes." Here is the link right here.

Man, this app looks "way" cool.  17 videos easily viewable on your iPhone,  down-loadable images you can use to follow along, and lots more.  It's only $ .99 cents if you grab it this week.  It jumps to $2.99 next week - oh, my aching wallet ;~) Hey gang, this sounds like the deal of the century.  I'd be heading there right now.

Oh, don't forget to check out Richard's RPProductions site right here too - more good stuff.

One Last Thing - More Great Training In My Backyard

Before I hit the road, let me leave you with a plug about our KPPA Fall Conference [link] coming up in Louisville Kentucky on October 4 -6, 2009.  KPPA Fall09 Once more, top talent, beautiful images, and lots to learn.  Craig and Debra Davis, my good friend Ernie Johnson from Tennessee and his wife Lorraine, the extremely creative Thom Rouse, and the wonderful Lew Everling are scheduled for workshops and presentations over the weekend.  This time around we even have a Photo contest with prizes in each category and a grand prize worth $1000!  If any of you guys and girls are in the neighborhood, you should plan on attending.  The talent list is impressive will be well worth your time. Here is the link to all the info. It's always a great time sharing with all the photographers and with this list of speakers you are sure to come away with TONS of info.

On that note, gang, I'm out of here.  Lot's to to today before we hit the road tomorrow.  I'm planning a rather interesting Lightroom/Photoshop tutorial for tomorrow's Technique Tuesday.  So, I'll see ya' then.  Adios, David


  1. David, I can't seem to find the link for the Ed Pierce videos. Can you help?


    And select: 4-Hour PhotoVision Subscription Trial