Thursday, September 03, 2009

Business day Thursday: Does Your Brand Matter? Fortune Cookie Moments; Multitasking - NOT; Tips For Creating Wedding Contracts

Good Afternoon Everybody,

Whew! We made it - we completed the "Hot Shots" project late last night and shipped it off to the printers bright and early this morning. It should be rolling off the presses next week - stay tuned.

Harvard We are putting finishing touches on the second half of my DWUC tour as we speak, packing the van over the weekend, and hitting the road on Tuesday. I can't wait!

Anyway, let's get on with today's Business Day Thursday installment. I'm taking a slightly different tack with today's post. There are so many good sites on line with solid, informative, useful business information, I thought I would point you to a few of them today. Here we go...

Does Your Brand Matter?

If you don't follow Seth Godin, one of the nation's top marketing gurus, you are simply missing the boat. Seth's content is easy to read, always enlightening and to the point. Let me direct you to his short post, "Does Your Brand Matter". It's short and sweet and too the point - good food for thought. Here is the link right here.

Fortune Cookie Moments

Fortune Cookie - iStock_000003088914XSmall I thought this idea was about as simple and easy as they come. It has solid information on appreciating your clients. This tip comes to us from, a great site for entrepreneurs on a budget. It really does prove that it’s the little things that count. Don't we all wish we would get that kind of treatment in our crumbling customer service world? Here is the link to show you how you can surprise your client into having a nice day.

Multitasking - NOT!

Multitasking - iStock_000005793898XSmall (1) Steve Yastrow makes a good point as to why "multitasking" may not be such a good thing when it comes to your client relationships.  Sometimes being too busy is bad for business.  Give his article a read and see if there isn't some truth in what he says.  Here is the link right here.  Steve has a lot of other good content on his site too. Well worth the visit.

Tips For Creating Wedding Contracts

Contract - iStock_000002548483XSmall (1) And lastly, do you need some help in getting your wedding contract together for clients booking your services? VirtualPhotographyStudio has 7 tips to get you started in the right direction.  Here is the link right here.  I remember when I was just starting in business years ago - I wish I would have had these kind of resources available back then.

Hey gang, that's it for me today.  We are tying up a few loose ends at the studio so we can enjoy the long weekend before hitting the trail on Tuesday.  Plan to stop back tomorrow for my piece on how to get tack sharp images at really slow shutter speeds.  See ya' then,  -David


  1. David - Thanks for mentioning my multitasking post. I have officially stopped watching TV to write this comment!

  2. David - Thanks for the mention, we appreciate it. One of the things we remember most when we started our business 20 years ago is how much help we had from the seminars we attended. The web makes all that and more so much more accessible. Keep up the good work - great stuff!