Monday, September 14, 2009

Quick Hit Monday: Free Marketing Seminar; 35 Photogs To Check Out; Bert's PS Tutorial Treasure Trove; and The 10 Best Wedding Shooters

Good Morning Everybody,

It sure was good to just “chill” (and eat) in Kansas City this past weekend. We did give the barbeque a try and it was great. I think I had barbeque sauce on every pixel I owned ;~)

Photog On Saturday we relaxed at Country Club Plaza, watched a photographer work a wedding, and decided it was time for dinner. 

I hit Urban Spoon on my iPhone and we found our way to T.A.S.T.E  [link] – WOW, what a great restaurant – what great food!  

TasteWe met, Jonathan, the enthusiastic owner/chef, who only wants to serve the best food to his patrons.  We soon learned Jonathan's past job experiences were a perfect match for the job. 

He opened T.A.S.T.E just over a year ago and it’s doing great.  If you live near or around Kansas City, you’ve got to check it out – 5 stars!  Tell Jonathan I sent you, you’ll love it.

Today we head out bright and early to Omaha for my DWUC program this evening and then on to Des Moines on Tuesday, Minneapolis on Wednesday, and then Milwaukee on Thursday.  It's shaping up to be another big week.  I hope you are planning to attend and please, come on up and say "HI."

LaDawn is still looking for volunteers to help in Des Moines tomorrow night and Milwaukee on Thursday night. If you are willing to pitch-in and help with set-up, registration and tear down just drop LaDawn an email at  She can provide additional information what this simple job requires.

Hey gang, I’ve discovered some great information to report on today and I think you are going to love  it.  Let's get started.

16 Hours of FREE Marketing Education for Photographers! Registration Starts Today

This has been top secret for weeks but today, I get to "spill the beans."  Weeks ago, I received a call from Sarah Petty, one of the creative, freshest, new and inventive photogs hitting today’s market when it comes to shooting kids and seniors.

ZISER - Banner A She called to invite me to be part of this huge Marketing TeleSummit she was organizing with 16 of the top photogs in the country.  Needless to say, I said yes. This project has been coming together this last month and registration goes "live" today.

Here is the lowdown. In just two weeks - on September 28 & 29, 2009 - I'm participating in the world's largest free educational event! Hands down, it's the "can't miss" event of the year and IT'S FREE!

I've joined my friend Sarah Petty and 14 other marketing gurus to bring this unbelievable event to you at no charge!

Not only that, but you don't even have to leave your home or your studio to attend this two day, 16 hour extravaganza.  All you have to do is take a few seconds to register right here.  They will shoot you an email with your dial in number for the event once you register.

Then just sit back and enjoy 1 hour presentation after presentation from 16 top photographers covering marketing tips and techniques on children, seniors, weddings and much, much more. And it’s FREE!

Don't miss out - this is one of those opportunities of a lifetime. Hope to see you there. You would be silly not to check it out!

35 Undiscovered Photographers

Undiscovered Photogs I was taking my weekend cruise across the internet this past weekend - boy, don't I know how to spend my free time in KC I came across this fascinating piece by blogging buddy, Brian Auer over at

Brian, a very creative blogger, asked his readers to point him to their favorite photographers' web sites.  Well, he got quite the response.  You have to check out his list of his 35 favs right here.  The work presented by these photogs is interesting, varied, inventive, and beautiful - sometimes all of the above.  Check it out.

Thanks to to Brian for his "shout out" about my DWUC tour too.  Nice piece Brian - way to go.

Bert's Working On Another Project, But That's All I Can Say

My good friend Bert Monroy is working on another one of his gigantic masterpiece photorealistic paintings.  His last painting was 40 x 120 inches with the flattened file being 1.7 Gigs BIG! Here is the link to the rest of the story on that image right here.

The painting he is working on right now will be over three times that size! Hey Bert, that's a lot of pixels to be moving around.

Bert Monroy Videos Anyway, here’s what you can do until Burt finishes his new project in about a year.  Check out a large number of Bert's Photoshop tutorials right here over at PixelPerfect.  Bert is one of the Photoshop pioneers out there. These tutorials may be more in-depth with information than what you bargained for, but give them a peek anyway.  They will give you a brand new appreciation of what Photoshop can do in the hands of a Master.

Top 10 Wedding Photographers For 2009 - Once Again I was #11 ;~)

Top 10 Hey gang, in case you missed it, here is American Photo's list of the top 10 wedding photogs for 2009 right here. Hey, even though I'm not on the list - no big deal - this list is still a great collection of wedding images that should shake, rattle, and roll your own creative juices.  Give all the photogs a peek - definitely worth the visit.

On that note gang, we are hitting the road for Omaha.  We are going to have a great time tonight! Hope to see a lot of you there. Adios,  -David


  1. American photo pick the top 10 wedding photographers around? No just 10 wedding photographers in AMERICA (shock).
    Every year we see 10 photogs who have the money to network and pat each other on the back until they become celeb photogs (that means they charge a fortune to shoot your wedding, and it will not look anything like the images you see on the web site because thats only for pretty people).
    Meanwhile in the real world the rest of us carry on shooting weddings with normal oversized and not great looking people in dirty towns.

  2. The link to register for the summit doesn't work.

  3. Anonymous #One - you're cynical but guess what? You're pretty much on the money. Unless you're a celebrity photog, a lot of weddings can be pretty bad on so many levels!!!! But, it's our job to make them look web site worthy!!

  4. Hi David
    Well what’s new, what’s different and oh my gosh, good? Your #11 in my book, real weddings with real people and real life. Celebrating life, love and family. That’s a Double #1. You have substance and you share that substance freely on your blog. Your Digital wake up tour is a great success because you put it all out there, its real value for real working Photographers. A lot of the celebrity photographers can’t deliver substance in there presentations. “Its art” you have to feel it, please give me a break.

    What celebrity opinions do you really respect? The Celebrities I see are so shallow, superficial and lake substance. Who needs them? I don’t. I’ve see to many claim greatness with out the results. Is this the work you do every day? Is this what you deliver to your client’s day in and day out? David does, and it good! No it’s Really good!

    And to Mr. Anonymous
    You can say anything you in your comments section, but if you name is “Anonymous” what are you opinions worth? If you say it, stand behind it. Put your name on it.

    Thanks, what I think.
    George Delgado