Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Technique Tuesday: Lightroom 2 In Reverse, Visiting With Friends, and You Can Be A hero Too

Good Afternoon Everybody,
Help!! We are snowed in today. That's why things are moving a bit slow including the late post. This morning we woke up to 8 inches of new snow on the ground with the weather forecast predicting at least 4 more inches by tomorrow morning. That means that our fair hilly city grinds to a standstill. We should be dug out by tomorrow ....hopefully.

Last night LaDawn and I had dinner with my buddy and outstanding wedding photographer, Joe Buissink. Susan Michal another great friend and outstanding portrait photographer from Jacksonville Florida [link] also joined our group. Mary Mannix, our friend and our Canon rep was also part of the wonderful evening of just visiting and not necessary talking about photography. I kind of like it when a group of photographers can get together and talk, laugh and share events and moments that have touched our lives outside our photography profession.

Having said that let me share with you a story, as related by Joe during our dinner conversation. It's about an amazing young man who just happens to be autistic. Jason amazed his teammates, family and friends when he scored 20 points with 6 3-pointers at the last high school basketball game of the season. It is truly an emotional and uplifting story. Here is YouTube link to the story - definitely worth a peek. So many times, we saddle ourselves with our own less than the best expectations to achieve our own success. This young man, Jason McElwain, did no such thing and became a hero for all of us - pointing the way for us to be heroes too.

Technique Tuesday: Lightroom 2 In Reverse
Time to move on to our Technique Tuesday today. Today's tutorial is part 1 of a Lightroom double-header technique. Today I want to offer a creative way to use Lightroom 2 to enhance your images.

I'm certain most of you have witnessed the Photoshop techniques showing how to highlight a certain color in a B&W image. Let me show you a little trick I picked up at Matt Kloskowski's Lightroom 2 program which I attended last Friday. His little tip about using the Erase brush in Lightroom really opens a up a few doors to creative image processing within the software. Hit the PLAY button below to see the rest of the story...

Hey gang, that's it for me today. Sorry for the late post, but the snow has us slowed to a crawl today. Because of the late post, look for tomorrow's post to be a little later in the day too. We'll get back on schedule after the thaw ;~) See ya' tomorrow for another episode of Analysis of a Wedding Shoot. See ya' then, -David


  1. David, thanks for this cool tip, gonna try it right now. Look forward to tomorrow's.

  2. Thanks David esp about the story about the boy. My oldest son Ian also has an autistic spectrum disorder..and right now in my photography career I struggle between trying to build this business and learning and growing and being the best in all I do and my life with Ian. And when I see Ian sleeping at night..well, it just all falls into place. Thanks for the story!

  3. The Reverse Lightroom tip was great. What I really liked was the tip about holding the spacebar for zooming and moving about the image. It has killed me for the past year not being able to do that (I would use the preview image to move around).