Monday, January 05, 2009

Quick Hit Monday: What’s Happening For 2009

Good Morning Everybody,
This is our 6th day in Florida and I have to say we haven’t seen much sunshine around here. Not because the weather has been cloudy and overcast but just the opposite it's been BEAUTIFUL, it's because we’ve been working on computers most of the weekend trying to get many.... too many projects kicked off for 2009. And what an exciting year 2009 it’s shaping up to be.

My First Wedding Book In The Works!
Let me fill you in on what’s happening around here. Three month’s ago I was asked if I was ready to write a book on wedding photography. I’ve never written a book before but it seems my new-found blogging experience was opening the door on this new opportunity – and I said yes. Now, saying YES to writing a book is a lot like cross country skiing – it sure sounds like fun at first, but once you strap the skies on and get started it’s like the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I’ve got about 70,000 words completed to date. Now all those words have to be massaged into their final form. And the project has to be completed by the end of this month – do I seem nervous – stressed - maybe just a bit. But maybe I shouldn’t be – I have the best people in the world helping me on the project – that would be the entire Kelby Media team. I’m honored and stoked to get this project out the door!

Tour 2009 - Digital WakeUp Call; A New Dawn - LaDawn is calling it - not a New Dawn, but if I don't stay nice a new LaDawn ;~)
Cities are set, hotels are being booked, web sites are being designed – we are full speed ahead on the year’s best digital photography seminar series ever. It kicks off right after Photoshop World 0n March 30, 2009 – 4 solid hours of fast paced information on digital photography, with over 30 lighting tips and techniques, “magic bullet” software solutions and techniques to kick your image processing into high gear, greased lighting Lightroom tips, and 20 ways to add to your bottom line for 2009 – plus a whole lot more. The web site should be up in a few weeks – I’ll keep you posted.

New Ziser Videos Coming To Kelby Training Real Soon
I talked with Jason , head of the video department at Kelby Training and he tells me that my forth video is very close to going LIVE. I have to tell you, it promises to be one of my favorites. The images for the shoot were outstanding along with a few new photographic twists and turns thrown in for good measure. By the way, we have more video in the can as we speak – I’ll keep you posted as new episodes get closer to a release date.

Ziser Now At DWF – Digital Wedding Forum
That’s right, DWF - Digital Wedding Forum [link]- asked me to be part of their DWF University. DWF University is a great place to pick up some quick tips on just about anything related to wedding photography. It’s a great organization with over 9000 members and some terrific member benefits like DWF-U. I’m planning to do a lesson a month for them. I’m actually working on a few this week down here in sunny Florida. My first episode entitled, “Shooting Brides On Location” just went live so, check it out over at DWF.

Digital ProTalk Newsletter Back On The Stands
That’s right, I’m reviving the newsletter again. All the blogging and the wedding book have just about exhausted any free time for the newsletter, but with the book wrapping, I’ll get the newsletter back on a regular monthly schedule. You can still sign up right here on DPT – just check out the right hand column.

There area few more things on the back burner slowing moving to the front. And you know I’ll keep you posted. Hey gang, that’s it for me today – back to the keyboard – more cross country skiing (book writing) for me.

Wait, there is more – I forgot to tell you, can you believe it, that long promised Technique Tuesday episode, “Seeing The Light” finally goes live tomorrow. Here is the cool thing. I shot the entire episode on my Canon 5D Mark II – the first tutorial in the universe to do so! Anyway, it’s pretty cool, so be sure to tune in tomorrow. See ya’ then, -David


  1. Your writing a book?! On wedding photography! I am truly excited to read such news and am looking forward to hopefully reading it one day. I have a couple of others to buy and read first but your book is most definitely on my list now. I've subscribed to the blog to make sure I don't miss out on the details when you get it all finalised

  2. Wow, a book, I can't wait, I love your videos on Kelby Training and to have a book will be fantastic!

    I just joined DWF so now I'm really excited.

  3. Is it too early to preorder that book from Amazon? Definitely wish-list material David.

  4. David, I'm looking forward to your book and "new dawn" tour. Best wishes in 2009!

  5. Hi David,

    A little of topic... Are you over in Tampa with Scott & Co? If you get a chance to tour around and want to check out the east coast you can come on over to Melbourne. I'd love to show you around the area and buy you lunch. I might even be able to get a limited number of people onto Kennedy Space Center for a "behind the scenes" tour of the place. :)


  6. David,

    I'm so glad your doing more videos on KelbyTraining. I have really loved the ones you already have there. Also, looking forward to the book.

  7. Congratulations on your book, it will surely be a tremendous hit... Thanks for your continued commitment to this fantastic blog and for keeping me inspired.