Monday, January 12, 2009

Quick Hit Monday: 800 DSLR Videos, DSLR Video Gear, and a Wedding Seminar In The Bahamas

Good morning everybody,
Well, we arrived safe and sound in Phoenix on Sunday morning, hit the hotel to drop bags, and headed straight to Imaging USA. One of the main reasons were here, besides taking a look at the latest, greatest cameras and gear is to hook up with our tour sponsors and catch up with many friends. That's the cool thing about these national conventions. As you continue to attend year after year, you always continue to meet many new people, make new friends, and are exposed to about a gazillion new ideas. I'll keep you posted as to anything we find particularly interesting out at the Convention -- which I know we will.

DSLR Canon and Nikon Videos – Over 800 of Them!
You know I've been harping on this new video technology built into our still cameras. It is definitely going to be the coming thing. I was over at recently and there are about a gazillion videos created using the Canon 5D Mark II – 434 at last count. Here is the link to the Canon videos. Don't worry Nikon fans. Here's the link to 436 Nikon D90 videos right here. I think there's a lot of junk but combing through the site I'm sure you'll discover a few jewels as well. Maybe this site will stimulate your brains cells into discovering some great new product ideas for us in 2009.

Wait there's more. You need more than these hot new cameras to pull off great video. You've got a check out this video put together by the folks at Zacuto. It shows the latest, greatest gear that you can use for getting the best videos from your new cameras. Here is the link. I'm smiling as I type this post because this is simply unbelievable what this company has created. You get an idea from the accompanying image here;~)

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Canon 5D Mark II
DigitalProTalk reader, Chris Whitcomb of Guided Light Photography, pointed me towards two great Canon 5D Mark II videos – they are two of my favorites. They are by Robert Evans [link] and Stephen and Jennifer Bebb [link]. As a matter of fact, the Bebbs put together an instructional video on just how to create the fusion of stills and video imagery. I ordered the video last week. After I get a chance to view it, I'll give you the low down.

Mitch, another friend of DigitalProTalk, pointed me to It's a Wiki dedicated completely to the Canon 5D Mark II. I'll tell you, if you're in the Canon camp this is a great site to browse. There are “tons” of information buried throughout the whole site. Be sure to check out the videos link as well. Again, this a great resource for anybody trying to figure out what to do with the new video capabilities of these new cameras. Here is the link.

Wedding Workshop In The Bahamas
I just got an email from my buddy, Grant Oaks, a talented photographer hailing from the Denver area, announcing his new workshop coming up in the Bahamas in a few months. You can save a few bucks if you sign up early too. Here is the link for all the seminar info. Grant is also the force behind, a company dedicated to giving the photographer the best in designer web sites. Check it out – here is the link – some cool stuff here.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. We have a full day planned at Imaging USA and, hopefully, I'll fill you in on a few of the goodies we see tomorrow. And speaking of tomorrow, this will be one of the best Technique Tuesdays ever -- I promise.
While LaDawn and I were in Florida last week, I put together a brand-new lesson on lighting with my Canon 5D Mark II. It's entitled “Recession Lighting: A Poor Man's Guide to Lighting Gear.” I'll show you how, for only $75, to create some very beautiful images with the minimum amount of equipment. Have a great day everybody and I’ll see you tomorrow, -- David