Monday, January 26, 2009

Quick Hit Monday: Convention Wraps, Great Speakers, A Special Winner Announced

Good Morning Everybody,
Whew! This weekend has been a whirlwind adventure. I'm on the KPPA Board which means we are responsible for a lot of the behind the scenes stuff that's going on at these convention. I've been super busy and I think I'm the lightweight when it comes to the work that needs to get done.

I can't believe the amount of time and effort the entire board, especially our incoming president, Jessica Vogel, puts into making the convention a huge success. And, she is a great photographer - want to get a few Monday morning goosebumps to start your day, then check out Jessica's site right here. Hit any of the galleries - just gorgeous stuff.
On a personal note, I talked LaDawn into entering this year and she won two blue ribbons with her image CAR-isma taking second place in the "Illustrative" category - Congrats to my Sweetie! OH, I forgot to mention, Michele Celentano [link] was another one of our speakers. Michele hails from Phoenix and was a little concerned about getting out of town before the snow hit around here. I had the honor of driving Michele to the airport and we had a great visit along the way. Michele is an extremely popular, energetic, and talented speaker who you can hear over at WPPI in a few weeks.

Michele is also one of the Canon Explorers of Light - that means she's a real big deal when it comes to her photography. Check out the Canon Explorers of Light site right here if you want to be further "blown away" by gorgeous images. Here's the cool thing, Michele has agreed to a podcast with me in a few weeks at WPPI - I'll keep you posted.

We are wrapping the convention today with celebrity wedding photographer Joe Buissink [link]presenting an all day program. Joe is one of those guys that has such an easy manner about him, but he still shoots extraordinary images. His is also a Canon Explorer of Light. I'm missing the first part of the program, but am heading on down there shortly. Hey gang, time is running short this morning so I've got to go. I'll plan to see everybody tomorrow for another episode of Technique Tuesday - Lightroom In Reverse. See you then. --David


  1. Congrats to LaDawn! I remember the Plymouth from the photowalk. Brian

  2. Congratulations LaDawn on your ribbons. David is that red eye in the photo of LaDawn?

  3. Way to go LaDawn!