Thursday, November 29, 2007

To Many Choices, Too Little Time - Creativity: Part 2

Pick one, only one lens - don't let anyone pry it from your fingers - and head on out for a few hours shooting. This is one of my favorite things to do when I want to head on out to a relaxing, not for pay, photo shoot. Giving yourself only one lens choice forces you to concentrate on the subject, the colors, the composition - the gadgetry is left behind. Only your attention to the subject remains. It's a good place to be when you are in the creative process. I posted just such an exercise several weeks ago where I used a macro lens for all the shots. You can re-read the "Up Close and Personal" post right here.

My favorite lens for this kind of shoot 24-105 IS, 100mm macro ( boy, I sure wish Canon made an IS macro like Nikon has), 70-300 mm IS, 10-22mm wide angle, and maybe the fisheye. I tried this exercise with the fisheye a few days ago and kept shooting my feet. When we get back in town, I'm going to pick up some extension tubes - then I will really be ready - Fisheye macro photography. Anyway, I hope you get the idea here - it's just fun to play. In a few hours, we are heading out on a walk to explore our surrounds here in Cabo. I'm all set up with my 100mm macro. I'll share a few images tomorrow.


  1. I recently inadvertently did this - I spent an entire week shooting nothing but a rented Sigma 8mm fisheye lens:
    8mm Project

    It ended up being great fun, and a good learning experience to boot.

  2. This is also one of my favorite things to do, even to the point that this is how I usually shoot on my solo-outings. It's nice to be free from a camera bag and not have to worry about stopping to swap lenses. I don't even bring the extras when I go out -- I leave them at home so I won't be tempted.

    I usually alternate between my 105mm macro and my 10-20mm super-wide. I'm particularly fond of the 105mm macro because prime lenses force you to think a little differently about what you're shooting.