Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How To Get the Brain Juices Flowing

You know, many of us get so wrapped up in the day to day nature of our studios and our lives, we actually constrict our very own creativity. Photographically, it seems we just move through the routine process and yet, still do a nice job, hopefully exceptional job, for our clients and create good images . Sometimes, we just need to clean the dust out of our mental rafters. Eliminate the routine. Here is the first of three short DAZ tips on doing just that:

Number 1: Point the camera at something you normally don't point the camera at. I'm have been involved, over many, many months, an on-going project showing how the congregants of a wonderful and active faith community here in Cincinnati are involved with their faith and their community. Making over 6000 images over 4 year period of time on this project has been almost liberating creatively. My assignments with the group were not my "every weekend" wedding shots. I was pointing my camera to different faces and different situations. Telling a new story. This allowed me - forced me to see differently and think creatively about what I was doing - I was not allowed to be on "auto-pilot." This got those mental juices flowing. Those images then further resulted in creating six large art pieces, 44x96, hanging at the Wise Center where people can enjoy them everyday. Below are three of the latest examples.It's a cool process - a process I recommend to anyone wanting to clear the cob webs out of your creative attic. Number 2 - tomorrow.

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