Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Quick One For The Road - 25 Great Photography Tutorials

Just when you thought you were caught up with all your saved links and best of the web tutorials, a whole new slew of them pop up. That's what happened to me during yesterday's post and I was writing about PhotoNetCast.com. One Internet hop lead to another hop and before long I found myself in the middle of this post over at DigitalPhotographySchool.com.

First, let me say this is one of the "monster" photography sites on the web - chocked full of info for those "rainy day" Internet browses. Anyway, check out this link for their listing of "25 Great Photography Tutorials And Links From Around The Internet" right here. There are a few gems in the link collection - definitely worth the peek.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. LaDawn and I are enjoying our visit here in Annapolis, Maryland this week and I hear her calling from afar to get this post up so we can hit the trail. Anyway, check in tomorrow for an update on last week's article entitled, "4000 Images In The Workflow - How Do I Do It?" The post received a lot of comments last week so I'll plan on clearing up a few of the points and questions/concerns our readers raised.

Have a good one and I'll see you tomorrow. -David

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