Monday, July 07, 2008

Quick Hit Monday

Hey gang, before I hit the road for class, let me leave you with some Quick Hit Monday links.

I always like stopping over at Matt's place for a peek at what he's up to. Matt Adcock, fellow blogger, is also a wedding photographer out of Atlanta who always has some great images to share. Check out his latest right here. Great lighting, great composition, and most of all - great images.

How about some Geek speak that probably interests about 4 of my readers - count me in. DPreview is now posting Pixel Density in their camera data base - here is the link. What's that mean? It's how many pixels/cm2 on the camera's sensor. So what? The more pixels in less space usually means smaller photo-receptor sites (the photons can't get in so easily) and that generally means more noise. Anyway, it's interesting to note that Nikon's new D700 has 1.4MP/cm2 on it's full frame 24x36mm sensor as opposed to Panasonic's 36MP/cm2 on it's 6.13 x 4.60 mm sensor. This isn't necessarily a metric for image quality (although it is to some extent) but is interesting to see just how many pixels can be crammed into a tiny space. Now I can sleep at night.

Here's one making the rounds - it's Deke McClelland's very funny 5 minute rap of 101 Photoshop Tips In Five Minutes - here is the link. You may need to listen twice to get all the tips, but it will bring a Monday morning smile to your face.

And one more for the road - our buddies over at 1001 Noisy cameras have started posting a weekly review of news photography sites and blogs. It's always a fascinating list. Got some time to kill this week, check it out right here.

Hey gang, that's it for me today - I'm off to class. Have a good one and I'll see you tomorrow. -David

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