Friday, July 11, 2008

Inspiration Friday 07.11.08

It's been an outstanding week and I believe that I am including today some particularly beautiful links for this weeks "Inspiration Friday" segment. Each month I get an email for LiveBooks, one of the web hosting services targeted towards wedding/portrait photographers. As a way of promoting their business, they have put together a series of video interviews from some of the great photographers in the field today. They are not very long, but provide a nice peek into the creative process of the individuals featured. They also have a podcast that features some nice content too. Hey, another wonderful benefit, it's all at no charge - give it a look right here.

Get ready to get blown away with one of the coolest sites ever. Check out Al Bello's site right here. Al is an award winning sports photographer working out of New York. The imaging is amazing and evocative. Al's site is just oozing with tremendous content - you could spend a week browsing thru his site. The multimedia picture stories are especially an inspiration to watch. I'm taking a deep breath and heading back over there this weekend for another peek. Thanks to Rob Galbraith for the original "heads up" on the link.

Let's wrap the week with this wonderful and inspirational video from DeWitt Jones - a National Geographic photographer for over 20 years - entitled, "What's Right With The World". DeWitt is and unbelievable creative and genious photographer with a rich career that has included photographing some of National Geographic's most memorable covers. He has to his creditation published 9 books and has two movies nominations for Academy Awards. For anyone wanting to excel in this profession, or any profession for that matter, must watch this video. DeWitt's insights, inspirational message, and gorgeous photography are worth every minute you spend watching it.

That's it for this week everybody. Don't take any "wooden pixels" from anybody and have a great weekend. See ya' Monday. -David


  1. David- you hit a home run with this one. I have followed deWitt for years but this video will take several viewings to get the most out of it. Thanks Jack

  2. Like Jack, I will view this video multiple times. You have outdone yourself, David. Fridays are always an inspiration—thanks to your generosity, but this one is a very special gift. Thank you, again.

  3. Thank you David for sharing this! I will always look for whats right in the world, from this day froward!

  4. David, your blog has become my favorite. I love your daily format and all that you share with us. Thank you for always sharing and thank you for this wonderful video. I think "inspiration" is an understatement here.

  5. David, thank you for sharing this one! I almost passed it by, but thought I would check it out and I'm glad I did! This was something I needed to see, to hit me in the head and think about the "bigger picture." VERY inspirational!