Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wild and Wholly Wednesday

Hi Gang,

Photoshop WorldIf you haven’t guessed it, it’s been a wild and wholly week, meeting with clients, processing last week’s wedding, planning for my upcoming Master Class and getting everything ready for Photoshop World.  I have been in a mist creating 3 brand new programs for this year’s convention.  Preparing a program for Photoshop World also means that you have to prepare the presentation in book form too. 

Exciting LightingTherein lies the challenge for me. So,  3 programs, 10,000 words, and 200+ illustrations and diagrams later I’M FINISHED!!!  And I’m stoked, too.  The programs are chocked full of brand new images and I can’t wait to make my presentations this year.  I  hope a few of you can make it to the show.

Anyway, to put it simply – there has been NO TIME for blogging this week. Sorry about that.  I hope to be back on a somewhat more regular schedule the week after Photoshop World. Watch next week as I’ll do my best to post daily as the convention unwinds.

Anyway, I still have a little treat for you today.  Let me point you towards Eric Cameron's blog post on last weekend's wedding [link].  He has some great images to show and shares the entire backstory of his experiences on the wedding. Here is a quick excerpt.

Eric BAckstory

You can catch Eric’s entire post right here.  Enjoy!

P.S. I should have some news on Canon’s new 5D Mark III next week.  I’m picking mine up tomorrow along with a very exotic lens – any guesses?? Oh, BTW, don’t tell LaDawn otherwise I’ll have to make a trip to the jeweler, too ;~). (Ha, ha…it’s going to cost you more than jewelry. The new iPad, a new Canon camera and a new lens. Better pack extra charge cards just for me Smile-LaDawn)

P.P.S.  BTW, I don’t have any idea why the Tweet button isn’t working.  I’ll work it out after we return from this trip.  Anyone else ever have this problem?? DZ


Hey gang, time is getting short and we still have a lot of packing to do.  Be sure and say HI if you see me at the show.  I hope to see you tomorrow for our regular Business Day Thursday post.

Stay well, and I’ll see you then,  David

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