Monday, March 05, 2012

"At The Museum"

At The Museum - 1544_CasperW06a

"At The Museum"
©David A. Ziser

The Cincinnati Art Museum is a favorite venue for brides and grooms to select for their weddings. The dramatics of the back staircase and the elegance of the setting sure add dynamics as well as dramatics to any wedding image made in that space.

Backlighting was supplied by my radio controlled Quantum strobe. The high vantage point was achieved by my placing the camera on a monopod, setting the self timer, and lifting the camera and monopod over my head till the shutter fired. The client especially loved this image.

This image was made about an hour prior to the start of the ceremony. It was full of rows of chairs moments later.

Camera specs; Canon 30D fitted with Sigma 8mm Fisheye, F4.0 @ 1/40 second, ISO 800. Enjoy! -David

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