Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Technique Tuesday: Lightroom 4 Breaths New Life Into DOA Images!

Good Afternoon Everybody,

Horse CountryToday we head back from the beautiful horse country of Lexington, KY and land  in CINCY this afternoon.  Once we arrive, it's back to work for me as I still have one more program to wrap up for Photoshop World coming up in just two weeks.  I just can't believe it's right around the corner already.  My other two programs; Lightroom 4 for Wedding and Portrait Photographers and 12 Ways To Make Your Lighting Exciting are just about completed and look really good. I'm really excited and looking forward to be presenting these new programs in Washington, D.C. in a few weeks.

Canon 5D Mark III - 2Also, around the corner is another wedding this weekend and then a quick run up to Sandusky, OH to check out their PhotoBlast Convention.  The real reason I'm going up is to catch up with my good friend and Canon Rep, Mary Mannix.  She's told me she has the new Canon 5D Mark III with her and I could have a peak - I'm getting excited already.  (This sounds expensive to me..LaDawn)

OH, more 5DM3 news,  my other good buddy and Canon Rep. Michael Sheras may be attending my sold out (sorry) Pre-Con Shootout at Photoshop World. Guess what? He may be bringing his 5DM3 along for me to shoot during my pre-con class. I'm really stoked about that.  Mike told me no promises, but if he has the camera, I'll get to shoot with it.  I guess we'll have to wait and see ;~)

Lightroom 4 Breaths New Life Into DOA Images!

I've got a brand new Technique Tuesday for you today.  As you know Adobe released Lightroom 4 just last week and I was thrilled.  We've been using the BETA since it's first day of release - yes, even in our regular production workflow.  What can I say…. besides it's an AMAZING piece of software!  Anyway, always trying to push cameras and software to it's limits, I thought today I would plan to do that in today's post.

Here's the plan - I've selected two horribly under exposed images and two horribly over exposed images, let's call them my Lazarus images. I'm going to see if I can save them in Lightroom 4.  Remember, I'm NOT trying to make a "silk purse" out of a "sow's ear" - OK, yes I am. All joking aside. I'm not trying to make a visual masterpiece out of these 4 images.  I'm only trying to get them to a sell-able condition, for example, in the bride's wedding album.

But that's what's so amazing about this version of Lightroom. Lightroom's has this new found ability to really wring the last amount of quality out of any image.  Sure, start with a good image and Lightroom 4 will take it to a brand new level.  Take a "crummy" image and Lightroom will work it's magic to get you a passable, sell-able image.  And, that's a good thing it you got the shot but severely missed the exposure.  Why not hit the PLAY button below to see what I'm talking about.  I really think you'll enjoy what you see ;~)


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  We are packing the bags and heading north in just a short while.  I hope you enjoyed the post today and I'll see you soon.

Have a great rest of the day,  David


  1. Great video Dave! I was just introduced to your site via A.J Wood... Thank you for sharing.

  2. David,

    Thanks for sharing your insights into the business and art of photography! A while back you created a video detailing a Lightroom 3 import preset you created to help cut down editing time. Any chance you could present an updated video detailing your import preset for LR4? I'm looking forward to your PW Pre-Con class!

    Dave Wilkinson