Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Technique Tuesday: Looking For The Lines In All The Right Places - Part 2 & Things Got A Little Sketchy Last Night

Good Afternoon Everybody,

We wrapped a great visit with everyone at the Professional Photographers of North Carolina Convention late last night and decided to catch a very early flight back home.  Last night was the Awards Banquet where all the print competition winners were announced - it was a treat to see the inspiring work of so many photographers.

Things Got A Little Sketchy Last Night

DAZ and JeremyWe also had the pleasure of sharing our table with world renowned artist and presenter at the convention, Mr. Jeremy Sutton [link].  I've known of Jeremy's work for a long time, but never have had the pleasure or opportunity to meet this great artist. Jeremy is one of the top artists in the field and is also one of the leading experts in Corel Painter.  Early in the evening he asked if he could sketch me and told me it would only take about 10 minutes.  I was game and he set to work during dinner.  It was very cool seeing my visage slowly appear on his sketch pad.

InklingHe was using Wacom's very new Inkling Digital Sketch Pen [link].  The cool thing about the Inkling pen is that it records all the pen strokes which can then be uploaded into Painter and further enhanced.  The even more cool feature is the fact that it will record a video file of the sketch as it is being drawn!

DAZ Sketch

Jeremy said he was going to send over the video file and I can't wait to see it.  As soon as I have it, I'll post it at DPT so you can get an idea of just what the interesting technical device can do.

Lightroom 4 Now Shipping!

Lighroom4boxWe decided to take an earlier flight home from Raleigh, NC this morning - like way early. We were back in sunny Cincinnati, by 8:00 a.m. this morning. I hit the computer right away to get caught up on some emails when I saw that Lightroom 4 was just introduced. 

If you haven't been playing around with the Beta, you've been missing a real image enhancement software treat.  You can still download LR4 Beta [link] and try it till the end of the month.  My suggestion, just go pick up the upgrade for $79 and be done with it.  I've been updating our computers most of the morning and we are all ready to dive in.

Looking For The Lines In All The Right Places - Part 2

OK gang, today I've got Part 2 of last week's Technique Tuesday ready to go for you.  If you remember, we headed down to the Cincinnati Club here in Cincinnati, OH - a very beautiful and popular venue for weddings and parties in the city.  In last week's video I walked you through the "space" around the beautiful staircase and then proceeded to show you how I composed, lit, and photographed our bride taking into account all the compositional considerations of the location.

This week I'm going to continue in that same vein.  We're going to continue our exploration of this very dramatic staircase exploring several other perspectives.  We'll work our way to the top of the stairs and then reverses direction and shot from the top back down picking up a completely different set of compositional elements.

In this tutorial I'll also discuss a few posing finessing tips to flatter your bride and also expand on a few more lighting tips as well.  I think you'll enjoy the video this week.  Why not hit PLAY and enjoy the show.


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  We got the bags to unpack and a few things to organize around the studio so how about I see you tomorrow.  I promise a few visual surprises for you ;~)

See ya' then,  David

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