Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Technique Tuesday: Fish, Fish–Go Away!

Good Morning Everybody,

Photoshop World Washington, DC is wrapped up and we have the next two days off in the city. I’ve got a brand-new Technique Tuesday for you today so why don’t we get right to it.

Fish, Fish–Go Away!

The idea for this Technique Tuesday came when Michael Wiacek and I were sitting around the Speakers lounge at Photoshop World.  I just picked up my brand-new Canon 8–15mm zoomable fisheye lens and was shooting a few photographs with it.

Fisheye lens beforeI was curious to see if I can remove the fisheye effect with this lens correction feature in LR4. I know what you’re thinking – why in the world did I get then lens if I wanted to remove the fisheye effect?  Hey, I just wanted to see if I could do it, that’s all ;~)

As soon as I tried I was left with this BIG gray hole at the bottom of the image. I could have removed it the “constrained crop” box checked but Mike and I (mostly Mike) had an idea on how we could remove it in Photoshop.

All I can say is that one thing led to the other and before long together we had it pretty well figured out.

Another thing that happens when you use the lens correction feature in LR4, it tends to turn your subjects into munchkins if they are positioned pretty far back within the scene. So, we had that problem to solve, too. Hey,  why not hit the PLAY button below and see how we solved the problems and came up with a very, very cool image.

Fish, Fish–Go Away! from David Ziser on Vimeo.


Hey gang, that's it for me today. I promised LaDawn I wouldn’t spend all day on my Technique Tuesday today and it’s already noon. Why? Because we’ve got places to go and things to see.

So, for now, we are out of here.  See everybody tomorrow, David


  1. I would recommend to give Fisheye-Hemi from Image Trends a try. You're getting really natural looking people while it straightens only the lines of one axis. I wrote a comparison about the differences of handling fisheye photographs with PTLens, Lightroom and Fisheye Hemi. But it's only in german. (http://www.poster-union.de/blog/2011/02/fisheye-korrektur-mit-ptlens-und-fisheye-hemi-von-image-trends/).

  2. Hello David,

    Have you noticed how much of the top of the image that you lost when you applied the vertical adjustment? I find this really frustrating and wondered if you know of any way around it. I had hoped that Lightroom 4 would sort this one out but obviously not.
    Keep up the excellent work sharing your vast experience and especially your latest learning.